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Monday, January 26, 2015


Black Chicago Leaders Ask Obama: "Was It All About Using Us?"

All Democrats do the same.
Maybe the trolls will finally get the message. Anybody who votes for anyone for the President Of The United States Of America, based on the color of the skin, sex, religion or anything but experience, is a   idiot.
Any sensible person, black person that is, knows that Obama's presidency was never 'all about the black folks' or 'down with the cause'. This man, while he did what he could do and refrained from being blatantly pro-black, did the job of being President of the United States...not just black folks. This is what all these people are missing. Sure, the black community still needs more help but, it must come in stages along with other progression because there are also lots of whites out there that need just as much help.

They may not want to admit it but, they need the help that they can't receive from Republicans. Yeah, the black community has had it much worse than whites over time but, a president can't just fall into the White House and start rattling off all things must be balanced. His policies were designed to make it easier, in general, for working/deserving blacks to fare better like their white counterparts. All blacks don't want to do better and it's clear that these people simply want to be catered to personally. I love my black people but, this isn't rational thinking. Now, I'll tell you who does like what these people are saying because it's anti-Obama...the Republicans, extremists, and yours truly, Rush. Even the commentators below the article follow what's so popular because they want 'special attention' from the President. I wonder what they're doing to help themselves?

Finally, I'm very particular about how activists want to represent me in well they can speak in an interview. This guy rubs me the wrong way altogether:

Everybody needs to be on your case about that. You got on national TV talking about ‘a middle-class economy works.’ For who? Who’d it work for? Why, it’s not even working for the middle-class people. They not even, they’re losing their houses. What middle-class economy you talkin’ about?

They not even? What middle-class economy you talkin' about? This is poor for an interview and I know there are blacks here that may be angered with me for saying it but, it's the truth. If this were Arnold talking to Willis on 'Different Strokes (What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?) it would be cool but, not with something important like the issue at hand. Then, there's this:

We hope the Congress defund Obamacare. We pray that Congress do away with your amnesty executive order, giving and providing illegal aliens and immigrants working permit to make sure the black man don’t get jobs in our own community.

We hope the Congress defund...? We pray that Congress do away...?... 'to make sure the black man don't get jobs? Sure, we know what' he's getting at but, really? If the President were to speak in this manner, EVERYONE would be questioning his education but, I'll bet that no one around this guy is willing to challenge him on his improper English...especially those at the bottom of this article. All they can see is this guy complaining about what he thinks Obama isn't doing for black people. They're all on the 'you've been used' bandwagon because they voted for him and feel that they should receive special rights and privileges... as opposed to him trying to make the playing field more even us as blacks. Equality.

If Obama were to cater to only blacks in some fashion, these same people would cut him a new azz behind discrimination. You can't do for one, intentionally, and not the other. I'm gonna stop here because I already know what the real problem is...self, self, self, self.

Loser said " I'm gonna stop here because I already know what the real problem is...self, self, self, self. "
You got that right bruh !! You got too much time on your hands if you can write a friking book on this blog !!!
That is why they call it a blog stupid. You don't have to read it unless you want to. Don't be jealous because you don't know how to organize your thoughts in written form. SAD.
That is why they call it a blog stupid. You don't have to read it unless you want to. Don't be jealous because you don't know how to organize your thoughts in written form. SAD.
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