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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Pelosi: Democrats Never Treated Bush The Way Republicans Treat Obama

Get this woman out of office she is a ABSOLUTE LUNATIC. Bush was treated horribly and continues to this day. The present occupant of the White House still blames Bush for everything to this day. I guess Negative attention is better than no attention. She needs to be relevant and will spew her bs anywhere she cant get on tv. Sad pathetic woman. Time to retire Nancy.
WHAT??? That Pelosi has the audacity to say such an outright lie?? I have never been witness to any kind of mistreatment of a US president as the Democrats (and the media) treated President Bush.

He was repeatedly called a liar, stupid, racist, and a hundred other labels. In press conferences he would get POUNDED by the press repeatedly, in the most negative, nasty tone and words. His staff got investigated CONSTANTLY by Democrats in power and the press, in an attempt to smear and spread innuendo.

There has NEVER been a president who was so badly mistreated (to this day) as President Bush.

Yet, there has NEVER been a former president so gracious after his final term as President Bush.

Nancy Pelosi should be ASHAMED of herself.
Correction: spew her bs anywhere she CAN get on tv.

Todd you are exactly correct. President Bush was vilified and he never said a word about his treatment. He shows true class.
Everyone is entitled to THEIR OPINION, but no ones opinion is FACT. In my opinion Pelosi is absolutely correct because like you, I am looking at it from a different perspective.
Nancy Pelosi is too ignorant to be ashamed of herself or her left wing colleagues.
Bush did what he thought was right to keep us safe. Bottom line, he wanted us safe.
FACT: Impeach Bush
Efforts to initiate the impeachment of President George W. Bush
FACT: Attacking Bush for mortgage crisis

Democrats Were Wrong on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
The White House called for tighter regulation 17 times.
You repubs are such hypocrites. SAD.
LilSpeedy, you are responding by launching a personal attack on Lottery Post members, rather than attacking the issue. That way of debating shows a complete lack of facts and logic on your side, and shows your position is weak since you have to resort to attacking the messenger.

Keep that in mind: every time you respond to an issue by attacking what you call "repubs", you are losing the argument and admitting a weak (or non-existent) argument. This is not something that requires a rocket scientist to see. Everyone sees it.

When you address an issue directly (instead of launching personal attacks) with specific facts (not just claiming to have facts -- actually naming them), then you bolster your argument. Anything else displays weakness and (*gasp*) ignorance.
Point well taken Todd. Then when democrats are constantly referred to as democRATS, low informed, drinking the kool aide, still on the plantation, and a host of other personal attacks, are these not lottery members too? If we are going to be fair about this, all the parties that's guilty of this shows weakness and ignorance, not just me or other lottery members that are not republican. This is what I mean by hypocrisy.
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