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Sunday, September 7, 2014


Obama: 'Should Have Anticipated the Optics' of Golfing after Foley Statement

The man simply told the truth on all fronts. What was he supposed to do, just ignore what was left of his vacation? Better yet, while still golfing, was he supposed to walk around and not smile or enjoy his company and colleagues? This man deals with death and seriously injured soldiers every single day of his presidency, and that's not to say that he's numb to it. But, he can't just break down and CRY LIKE JOHN BOEHNER DOES ON EVERY LITTLE THING. Yet, we have the posse all crowded over 'there in the corner' huddled up whispering to each other about such nonsense. Yeah, you'd better stay over there with your ring leader...the other snake head that's about to be cut off very soon.

There was a 'three-headed snake' slithering around here and now it's down to one head. Makes me wonder what the hell happened 'cause I love me some dumb a$$ opposition...just love it. Now, when you all manage to regenerate enough brain cells to discuss the 'Bush Equivalent' that I always tell you about, then come on over to THE NEUTRAL GROUNDS BLOGS and battle me on this link:

This entry will tell EVERYONE HERE what they really need to know while also shedding light on the true haters...the deceitful folks running around here who are so afraid of the TRUTH...and RIGHTFULLY SO I MIGHT ADD. If only these people knew just how silly they really look...still haven't learned a thing and they read everything posted so they can validate themselves. That, my friends, is the definition of IGNORANCE when posting all the BS that they do.

"D*mmit Lucky, we have a right to our opinions here!!! These are our freedoms to post and be ignorant if we really want to and you can't take that away!! You're not gonna take my ignorance, okay!!! We're sick of you Liberals and Independents making so much d*amned sense of everything thing around here with facts and proofs instead of conjecture and opinion like us!!!! It's why we don't play with you anymore at the other playground. We throw dirt in your face in order to try and BLIND YOU while you throw WATER in ours so WE CAN SEE ain't fair!!!"

Yep, all of that...and I won't stop either. Guess who took away Bob McDonnell's and his wife's FREEDOM? They forfeited their own freedom and the judge simply obliged. Did you here Bob complain about his freedom then? Hmmmm. Have any of you heard Rick Perry complain about his freedom lately? Hmmm. This place is pure entertainment and a few of you keep me so sharp and perfectly honed that it requires nearly no effort to school you at will on anything and everything. Please don't forget to meet me so we can discuss the link and how far these issues go back and who all they affect. Boy, do I have something prepared for all of you.
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