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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Counter-Tourism: Al Sharpton vs. The Teleprompter Part III, This Is Funny

To hell with all this Sharpton vs. Teleprompter BS. Let's talk about what I just called over in Speedy's Blog regarding (R) CROOKS. Yep, Both Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen were both found guilty in a court of law on CORRUPTION and NOT FOR REJECTING OBAMA'S HEALTHCARE LAWS as described elsewhere in these blogs. See, this is exactly what EXTREMISTS do when they cannot handle the truth...the try and put it on someone that had absolutely nothing to do with it from jump street. This man and wife were found guilty on EXTORTION among other counts. Bob had (11) of (13) charged to him while his wife received (9) of (13).

This $hit had nothing to do with no phuckin' healthcare. Actually, please everyone do their diligence and read the article VERY CAREFULLY and myth-bust the whole Obamacare reference...non existent. However, in giving credit where it's justly due, at least this person had the GONADS TO POST THE ARTICLE WHICH EXPOSES HIS OWN ELECTIVES. If nothing else comes of this, they have my respect on that front even if they don't care either way. It doesn't mean that a person has turned on their own party by doing such things, either. It simply means that, hopefully, the person has become mature enough to realize that it's THEIR PEOPLE THAT USUALLY GET CAUGHT UP IN SUCH MONEY SCANDALS AND ARE CONVICTED.

'Demoncrats' aren't smart enough to do this, remember? Demoncrats don't have the kinds of ties that these high powered (R) governors and mayors do money-wise. Ain't nobody gonna shower no (D) with all the money, gifts, and perks like they did this guy and his wife. Know what? This guy was so phuckin' smart that he was as dumb as a box full of rocks covered with sawdust and tied shut with barbed wire. He was offered a PLEA DEAL AND REJECTED IT. This would've kept his wife out of jail, and, he WOULD'VE FACED LESSER CHARGES. But, no, he falls under the same INESS as Rick Perry and felt INVINCIBLE...that he WOULD'NT BE CONVICTED. Surprise...phuckin' surprise and look out Rick Perry on those ethics charges as well.

Do we really want people like this guy in office in charge of taking of the people's business when he cannot even take care of his OWN BUSINESS? He was in SEVERE DEBT...CREDIT CARDS MAXED OUT...JUST OVER SPENDING EVERYWHERE and not giving a flying phuck. But, folks have the audacity to crack on the President and his people who have NOT been caught up in such issues. Get ready Scott Walker and there are more about to surface...mark my word. Oh, but please don't stop with the anti-Obama stuff 'cause the more this happens, the more (R)'s are caught and exposed. It's quite the oxymoron and gaining more traction everyday.

Dumba$$es talking about slowly losing freedoms. What the hell can you NOT DO? You can go buy any/all guns you want, start a business, travel, etc. I know what this whole things is based around and it's right here:

Yeah, I get around and read this nonsense, too. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves because every person in office has been involved with all these issues...not just Obama. Your panties are all jumbled up 'cause he re-designed healthcare and mandated it. Well, hell, how much more important is your HEALTH than that VEHICLE YOU'RE FORCE TO COVER AS WELL? Can you go out and buy another health like you can a vehicle? If you drop your coverage on your vehicle and get pulled over, you'll be fined. If your house catches fire with no coverage, you're SOL. If you go to the doctor with no healthcare coverage, you'll be fined unless you can pay the whole bill. Before now, people that didn't pay that bill caused TREMENDOUS DEBTS. There are many, many stipulations and benefits. Please read what's in PURPLE on ITEM #10 in the last sentence of the following link:

Too many people going to get help and not paying for it 'cause they had no insurance created HUGE BY LARGE DEBTS. Hospitals needed help as did insurance companies...and both ARE WINNING AS I SPEAK. This is what the (R)'s didn't want but, they used the verbiage of LOSING YOUR FREEDOMS instead of telling the truth about the whole plan. Now, they're all expanding it. Healthcare stocks have went sky high and these same (R)'s ARE NOW MAKING MONEY ON THE VERY THING THEY PRETENDED TO OPPOSE. You people better wake the phuck up and stop drinking that weak a$$, creamered-down, breakfast blend generic coffee and get some of that REAL DARK and BOLD GRIND like Folgers Black Silk. Drink it straight black with nothing in it like I do. Then maybe you'll be able to think straight.

Stay tuned for my next commentary...AKA A$$ HANDING.

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