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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


'You've Lost Where You Come From!': Al Sharpton Has Harsh Words...

No race-baiting or bashing the white man...just straightforward truth and common sense here. Please take note Caucasian folks, of these things and how he's being his 'brother's keeper.' He's coming down on the blacks folks, and mainly the 'bruthas' on how they like to act at times...especially when successful. Calling their female counterparts out of their names and such...THIS is what REAL men do when they see wrong-doing by their own on various fronts. The solution is internal, FIRST, and then expands outwardly...pretty much like infecting people with righteousness.

I've said many times before that 'we' have no issues on calling out our own but, it's the "other ones" that always give a pass to their leaders in the face of wrong. Failure to comment on articles illustrating the wrong-doing but, they'll jump the ones about other ethnicities' leaders involved in wrong-doing. Just look a Rick Perry and all this madness. Rick Perry said, and I quote from the Houston Chronicle, "We don't settle political differences with indictments in this country." Oh, is that correct, Perry? So, all this rage with suing the President was just fun and games and you had no intentions on INDICTING HIM IF HE WOULD'VE BEEN FOUND GUILTY...BASED ON YOUR POLITICAL DIFFERENCES?

I mean, these were POLITICAL DIFFERENCES about the ABUSE OF EXECUTIVE POWERS, correct? I don't know about anyone else but, I take issue with ANYONE attempting to TREAD ON MY INTELLIGENCE. The fact that he was interested in Mindy Montford,(D) from Texas,CLEARLY illustrates that this was, in fact, PERSONAL and not business...ETHICALLY WRONG. Oh, but the people don't care about that. Where's the beef about Perry and his interest in another (D) in office? He had a motive and wanted her for leverage...that's all.

And, here are the counts:

If this was a high-powered (D) on the chopping block, the 'gang' around here and all the radio trolls would be handing his A$$ to him hard, long and frequently. But, no, it goes back to my original point. These people are afraid to call out their own...every single time. Speaking of, time, all you have to do is put time on it and time will reveal what truly lies underneath...pun intended on lies underneath.

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