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Friday, August 29, 2014


Why Obama's 'we don't have a strategy' gaffe stings

It is very easy to criticize someone for what they said, but it means nothing if you have no solutions.
Much ado about nothing as always from the same people. He's expected to be the 'miracle worker' with an instantaneous plan to implement. Let's reflect back on Bush's plan to visit Iraq and the timeline. September 11, 2001 is when our greatest tragedy occurred...with respect to hard core conspiracies. March 19, 2003 is when he declared war on Iraq but, he began 'planning' some nine months prior according to reputable sources. Even if we give him the January, 2003 time frame, that's still about two months to get something together. Here, we have Obama dealing with ISIS-ISIL compounded with Syria, and, both are weighing in on the US in terms of threats...and they want him to 'announce' a detailed plan right now. Key word is 'announce.'

Last time I checked the whole 'red line' deal with Syria, and, his 'plan' of 'limited air strikes', they handed his a$$ to him without warrant. They criticized him for 'TELEGRAPHING'...TELEGRAPHING HIS PLAN FOR SYRIAN ATRACKS. Now, he doesn't have a plan ready or chooses NOT TO REVEAL what he may have ready and they slam him for that, too. If he shows his hand they ask, "Why's he showing his hand?" When he doesn't they say, "He doesn't know what he wants to do...he doesn't even have a plan and he's supposed to be our leader." Or, better yet, "What's he hiding from the American People? They have a right to know what's going on." Back and forth, on and on and on. These people are never satisfied with anything this man is trying to do.

The worst part is THEY don't even have anything to offer. Long on criticism and short on good ideas/strategy. If Bush's plan was the holy grail, then put that back on the table. Hasn't happened yet...and nobody's even talking about Bush's then strategy. I find this very ironic. I'll tell you what, if he threw out the idea of a possible draft they'd all jump off that 'hurry up to war' bandwagon and you wouldn't be able to find one for comment on whether or not their kid(s) qualify for drafting. At this point, EVERYONE'S kids are up for grabs especially if it got real bad. This is on par with the whole Affordable Health Care Act...they had absolutely no better ideas/solutions to offer but, they knew they'd oppose it. Why? Because, they knew t would work out in the end and prove good. Everyday, more states are expanding this coverage and it's benefitting everyone all the way to the hospitals.

All those governors that slammed it, and, Obama...they've adopted it now. Anti-Obama Care commercials have dwindled into the past while support advertisement for it has taken over. Now, back to the war. We not only need a pan to declare war on these countries, we must also have some sort of exit strategy...if possible. Otherwise, we're stuck in this deal just like we were with the 1st war for ten years. Obviously these people, both (R)'s and (D)'s rushing for an answer, haven't read what the Bible says about hastily doing things. If nothing else, go and read Bush's book on "What Not To Do When Planning A War."
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