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Sunday, August 17, 2014


This Time It's Different: The Conservative Response to Ferguson

What would politicians do if everything ran smoothly in this country?
People are happy, get along with each other, jobs available, everyone is pursuing the American dream, food and shelter available, people helping each other thru bad times.

But politicians need turmoil to run their elections on. Fuked up.
JAP69, this is what some politicians don't want. They like the idea that opposing political sides hate each other and say/do anything to keep that hate ongoing. Personally, I just despise people that don't/won't use common sense for a given situation and opt to go along with what's gonna make their peers happy. That's also called fear. I fully respect law enforcement but, that doesn't mean that officers don't have those hate demons and purposely do things because of hate and discrimination. To think they don't is both immature and adolescent...because they come from all walks of life/backgrounds. They can hide personal feelings just like anyone else that seems completely normal.

The Ferguson deal is bad...very bad. The details of how one thing had nothing to do with the other are boggling...and how the guy was shot many times as opposed to being maybe heavily tased. Did he actually go for the officer's gun? Did Trayvon actually go for Zimmerman's gun? He didn't even know Zimmerman had one. Why would this kid, knowing the officer had a gun and could readily use it, go for it? No sense there. People tend to wanna jump on the bashing the bad guy bandwagon just because he had a rap sheet to justify their position(s). That's dangerous for the reason I listed above about all cops not being honest and good guys...and just waiting for the right opportunity to cap a 'demographic' that they hate. People have got to start using more mature rationale these days or else it's going to give 'the hidden bad guys' the power to kill who they want, when they want, and why.

Everything can't run perfectly in this country and we both know that but, the whole 'can't let a good crisis go to waste deal' is ironic. True crisis criteria is debatable, should be "rated", and is available all over the world...the Ebola deal is a true crisis. This, if it get's out of control, can wipe out LOTS OF POPULATION ABROAD. That's high on my list. I'm not giving the guy a pass on his actions but, the cop shouldn't get a pass on his either. Just thought I'd piggy back on your thoughts.
Well, they got Michael Baden on the case, doing a second autopsy, If this punk and he was a punk tried to kill the cop, then justice was served, if this cop killed him in cold blood, he needs the needle.

The feds (Holder for one) didn't want the video at the store being shown and the feds are now demanding an autopsy (guess they need proof of a gunshot?).
They're going to keep digging until something agrees with their opinion n of all this.
The media is now using the term 'killer cop'.

...and the reason they really didn't want the video released is due to how, and, how many times the dud was shot which was excessive. This did nothing but promote further violence as any reasonable person can clearly see. Shooting an unarmed person multiple times makes absolutely no sense when cops are also trained to DISABLE an unarmed person. What can an unarmed person do to an officer? Throw some 'air bullets' at him? Look at him to death? Hurl some killer spit on 'em? Bad Holder for trying to keep additional violence from happening. Maybe Holder should've shown some testicular fortitude and told EVERYBODY to go home, get their guns, and have a shootout to settle everything.

Yeah, that's it. It somehow still amazes me how people refuse to use more than 10% of their brain to just try and rationalize more. Guys that go hunting don't even need to shoot their kill more than once...and I know this first hand from being a hunter! Here we have people looking at this as if it's all fine and dandy just because. Where's the common sense at? If you have a chicken coop and find out that a fox has been breaking in and getting hold of your chickens, are you really gonna empty a full clip AFTER you've shot once and killed the darned thing already?

For the record, post #4, the autopsy is going to search for any of the officer's DNA on the cells, skin underneath his fingernails, and stuff like that to verify any type of up close and personal struggle. Your response is rated at significantly less than 10% of the brain's current usage. Good grief.
Lucky Loser,

Your victim mentality mindset blinds you. The store video doesn't show anyone being shot, but it definitely shows a thug.

The 6'4" 3400 pound 'gentle giant' attempted to take the cop's gun, after he had assaulted the cop, hit him in the face a few times.

There is something wrong when a policemen shoots someone six times. 2 in the head and 4 in the shoulders. All bullets went in through the front. This means that the 6'4" almost 2 ton teenager(3400 lbs) according to coin toss, had to be in a kneeling position. Go figure.
Ton=2000 llbs
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