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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


No Sharpton, No Jackson: 15 shot in NYC within 8 hours, 2 dead

Amazing - isn't it - hypocrites.
No, what is amazing is how asinine some of the comments are. Your hatred for these two pioneers of the civil rights movement is evident. There are civil rights leaders in practically every state, they don't need to be where you posers think they should be. They don't answer to any of you. If you hate them, tough, because there are many of us that thank God for them. So go on and hate, it is not going to stop these two warriors. They make haters their motivators.
ms. lil sh1tty, what truly is amazing is that your mom keeps paying for the internet. Also amazing is that you actually think anyone gives a sh1t about the ignorant crap you write. Do yourself a favor and STFU.

God doesn't listen to trolls. Nobody that I know hates these two frauds, most people can't believe how these two criminals still get attention.........then again they serve the following: to race bait, to keep people divided, and give the talking heads something to talk about.

jesse and charlatan are not warriors they are race baiting opportunists out to extort money.
The only people that fear these two men are cry-babies, racists, and pussies like you jarasan.
ms. lil sh1tty, is that it? the only people that fear jesse, charlatan, and troll sh1t like yourself..................are no one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Dream on puss face punk blowhard sh1t for brains troll,   nobody fears race baiters or pimply puss faced cracker trolls living in their momma's basement. You are legend only in your miserable troll dreams and momma's dirty basement bathroom. You are a loser in the real world, and there you sit in that musty basement and pretend to be something you're not.
Jarasan, you are a cry-baby and everyone knows it now. You are a coward and a dummy that is stuck in a low paying job because you are a failure in life. SAD.
ms. lil sh1tty dreamer, fool, troll, who is everyone? Is "everyone" the no-face dream people in your pea brain? hmmmmmmm since you were theoretically a teacher you know a lot about low paying jobs right? also sh1tty drummers can't get work so that means free gigs right?????? fuquing moron troll.
Dumb sh1t, I have two degrees, which means more money. That is why I don't have to work after retirement. You have to work until you die...big difference punk.
Now, let the master explain what's REALLY funny. When Jackson and Sharpton are quiet, or, at least haven't made a move yet, y'all jump on the 'where are they bandwagon' thinking you have the perfect angle because they've made moves at other places already. At those places, you say they're starting trouble by race-baiting, creating tension, and doing no good at all...etc etc etc. When they don't show up are speak fast enough, once again, "Where are they?" When they do finally show face, once again, "These guys are nothing but trouble looking for somewhere to have it...AGITATORS.'

It's futile and follows the exact same patterns on positions with the President. When he doesn't get involved quickly enough or at all, he's doing nothing and is 'out of touch'...'clueless'...cannot relate with the American People. When he does step in, he's sticking his nose where he shouldn't and making everything worse all on his own...even when he's requested to step in. I just recently had to hand someone else a piece of their a$$ regarding this very same issue. He tried to crack on Obama for uttering some calming words about Ferguson by calling him basically 'egotistical.'

You dumb phuck, if he hadn't said anything at all about the Ferguson deal, and it came back that he was asked to yet refused, you would've been all over the man for the very reasons I listed above....mainly uncaring and out of touch. Then, the LAPDOG would've surely stepped in with some dumb sh*t like, "Yeah, and Michael could've been Obama's son." Wait a minute, his dumb a$$ already did that. Very predictable on all fronts. Once again, you people are so easy because HATE precedes everything that exits your mouths every time. None of you use rationale at all. Being hated never felt so good and that's why I'm gonna keep hangin' my foot up that gluteus maximus every chance I get....with care.
master? funny? you have written a pile of presumptive self gratification. Everything you have there is hearsay in your head. You have no insight into what anyone thinks, the only thing you know is what is inside your head.
ms. lil sh1tty yeah you have 2 degrees #1minor in stupid as fuque  major in being a major troll a$$hole.
How many degrees do you have jarasan? Zero. Don't be jealous because I'm smarter than you will ever be. You are a LOSER. You had your chance and blew it because you were too busy being a D!CKHEAD. So STFUB
ms. lil sh1tty why do you ask how many degrees i have, if you already know? trust me, i mean really, really trust me, nobody gives a fuque about you or the crap you are the most repulsive, arrogant, self righteous, hubristic, ignorant piece of troll crap on LP ever. think real hard you dumb fuque..... why are you banned on just about all blogs?? your greatness resides in the void of your pea brain, if 2 degrees are your perceived mark of success good for you, but all of us believe those 2 degrees have created one big f'ing jerk troll that no one, nobody can stand.
Listen DumbA$$, the best blog on here is truesee's. That is why you cried like a little punk b1tch when you got kicked off. Instead of taking it like a man, you had a hissy fit and started posting all kind of nonsense. What a wuss. Jarasan you have sh1t for brains. STFUB!
ms. lil sh1tty soon, very soon, and it is looking that way...... very, very soon you the puss faced troll and the "master troll" will be the only trolls on this reprint blog of the drudge report and the blaze. have it dipsh1ts, so go ahead make and truesee happy. This blog will be a troll sh1thouse. I'll be letting others know.
This blog is better with sh1theads like you off of it. You have nothing to add azzwipe. You see numb-nuts, no one will follow you, did anyone follow you last time cry-baby? No, because they are adults and don't have time for childish games.
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