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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Michelle Obama: 'Women Are Smarter Than Men'

That is why Michelle and Valerie Jarett tell Obama what to do.
Some actually are. As more are elected to congress, we will see just how much smarter they are. Especially in the area of reasoning and problem solving.
She's right!;)
Jap, you right, it has always been my opinion those two are directly giving obama his orders, via George Soros and others. I would not be surprised to see that one run for office and opposite Hitlery. It would be one heck of a doublecross which I think we already are witnessing some doubledealing or backstabbing by obama in support of Hitlery. Sounds farfetched but I put nothing past ANY politician.
I'm going to make a statement and some might consider it racist, but the stats prove otherwise. She may be correct but don't include Black women. If they were smart they would not have a 78% unwed birth rate.
Like! I said before you open that wicked mouth of your, tell all of us just" HOW RACIST" your old a** is ,nothing like an old "RACIST WHITE MAN", believe that. You must really feel entitle to come on this forum and make such a outlandish statement like that. No matter what the stat say. That's what you feel don't try to open that hellish mouth of yours on Black women ,take it from me ,that is a" RACIST" comment everyday all day long. So STFU!(side eye)();
Why don't you make some comments about that 78% unwed birth rate, about how smart that is??
Carbo your problem is that you are too infatuated with the Black women. You are too racists, you are not their kind bigot.
Give me some intelligent comments about the 78% unwed birth rate. Do you think they are being intelligent? There's nothing racist about that statement. Do you call them strong Black women?
Listen BIGOT, you and no one else is going to insult Black women because of something you read in a right-wing article. You are a dumb-ass piece of trailer trash. GFYYPOS
Also 'Women Are Smarter Than Men' is a general statement about women in general. Only a RACISTS, such as yourself, will make it become a comparison of races.YFI
The "YFI" is exactly what those 78% unwed mothers are, being supported by taxpayers, because sorry a$$ men, like yourself refuse to support them. For your information, only in your case are the women more intelligent.
For once in your life creep you need to stick to the subject so that you won't look so much like the jackass PUNK that you are. YFIPOS
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