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Friday, August 15, 2014


Michael Brown was a robbery suspect before he was shot to death, police say

Mike Brown new he was a suspect, and that's all that matters.
If those cops didn't know, they were the ones being ambushed!
The police that shot him did not know that he was an alleged suspect so that does not justify his actions. He can't say I shot him because he was a robbery suspect. It is not so easy to get away with killing a Black by a police as it use to be. The eyes of the world is now following this case. The truth will come out.
Mike Brown knew he just robbed a store, he didn't want to go to jail , got what he deserved.
Like I said the cops were ambushed.
He beat the cop, injured his face, and then tried to get the cops gun.
Guess what happens when someone tried to get a cops' gun.

Please tell us the last time there was four nights of riots and lootings when a white person was shot.
I'm not buy this he tried to surrender crap either, the video shows an arrogant thug who just robbed a store , used his size to intimidate, went into the road feeling pretty powerful decided to block traffic and defy anyone to make him move, that's until the cops showed up, He just robbed a store and now here's the cops of course he went into attack mode.
At 18, his motto was take what I want even if it's by force, that wasn't learned over night, he was raised that way.
There's a picture of him on another site, shows him waving a gun around with a big wad of cash, he was by no means a innocent lamb, he was a gangsta wanna be!
@ Cointoss, tell me the last time that Blacks watched a hanging while children watched and played and refreshments were sold.
Um, the police chief actually said that the robbery and the shooting were NOT CONNECTED. So, this means that the whole story is actually bogus regardless. The release of the surveillance vs. the naming of the officer...the timing of it all is very questionable right now. The kid had a 'sheet' but, that had nothing to do with what transpired. I'm gonna reserve my end thoughts on what really happened while I already have an idea.

This story has bad moves from both sides.
I was once a kid, and also thought I was immortal. I did a lot of dumb things which makes me think how I even survived.

Whenever you put yourself in a compromised situation, you can get killed by the police or anyone else.

Before the info about the robbery, this kid was shown to be just a nice kid who was on his way to college. I didn't buy it for a second. I grew up in New York and wasn't born yesterday. People pu themselves in dire situations and then scratch their head as to why bad things happened to them..DUH!

If the cop did shoot the kid when he had his hands up, then the cop should face the penalties, but after all the bits of info started to come in about this kid, it's obvious he's a trouble maker, and not just a kid who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I believe the kid did fight for the cop's weapon.

The cop had no history of bad behavior whatsoever, but the kid did. It's not rocket science.
News Break, Fox news interviewed the store owner and he said to them that it was not Michael Brown, the policemen LIED.
Liar, his own family said it was him.
Nice bobbin' and weavin', Cassius Clay would be proud of that one, but you didn't answer the question.

Also, I hate to burst your delusional bubble, but it's a real safe be that no white person on this board owns slaves or committed a hate crime.

Your "We are victims and you all owe us" mentality is blinding you.

He has to bring up something from 70 years ago, pathetic.
Both of you bigots can KMA.
Both of you bigots can KMA.
Sully, for your information, it has not been 70 years since a Black has been hanged in the US. A little education works wonders. It best to STFU if you don't know what you are talking about.
78 years ago
Sully if you went to college you would know that your statement is untrue. You rely too much on the internet for your information. If you notice, no one is willing to confirm your inaccurate statement. I welcome them to. Then I can correct all of you together.
why don't you show evidence proving otherwise.
Sully you obviously have a limited knowledge of the atrocities that took place in the South. I don't have time to deal with your degree of ignorance. Since you are the only one that is stuck on stupid, I will let you remain stupid.
See, you cannot provide proof, did lots of bad things happen, yep they sure did! last hanging 1936.Did someone try to hang you ?, what you want to do is continue to spread hate for things that happened long ago.
There you sit collecting your pension, roof over your head, food on your table, free to walk down your street, free to go wherever you want, choices beyond imagination, and you want to sit and dwell on hatred. The actions of a few , never do you mention all the people from every walk of life who took the time to make things better.
Did you ever go to Gettysburg and visit the graves of all the whites who died to give blacks their freedom, you cry about atrocities of the South, yet you still live there, Why?
The atrocities of what happened to my people are nothing compared to what happened to blacks, we were exterminated by the hundreds of thousands, difference between me and you, I don't dwell on it or hold it against anyone. you the one who loves to hate.
By the way since you want to hold onto ugly history, you need to apologize to me for the actions of the Buffalo soldiers, A black regiment who were all to happy to kill, rape, maim and torture Indians.
You owe me!
Sounds silly when someone turns the table on you doesn't it?
Last hanging 1936
One more thing, I know you have to be secretly happy that Lincoln didn't send the blacks back to Africa, because yes, that was the plan.
You live in a country that offers more then most humans can comprehend, I am thankful I live here, I have a roof, food, and a family who loves me.
Hate has nothing to do with it. Distortion of facts have everything to do with it. I refuse to waste my time trying to convince someone that I don't know about my true feelings. I don't and never did have an agenda. But it is very obvious that you and your cohorts do. I have always stood my ground no matter what the opposition is. I can't be intimidated because there is too much fight in me. The more I am attacked, the stronger I become. BTW sully, you can never turn the tables on me, and you are silly and foolish if you think you can.

That's your problem, you only want to fight, if someone doesn't see things your way you pull the race card ,you offer no intelligent dialog!
1936 still waiting for the hanging, or are you busy looking for KKK stuff to post, they hate you and you hate them, seems like equal hate to me.
Just one curious thing, with all those Obamaphones floating around, how come not a single person has footage of the incident? Or maybe it conflicts with the eye witness accounts.
There is a big difference between you and me. I am not afraid to post other articles that don't involve the POTUS. There are other things that are going on that affects a society. I post issues of the day. Most of you like to amen each other for redundancy.

lol, another nannie nannie poo poo
1936 1936 1936
Since when does the KKK raise money for anyone? Why do they need to raise it for this officer, he not charged with anything?
It's a bogus story put out by morons who want to fan the flames and you went on the internet and fell for it, Hook, Line and Sinker.
You're so gullible, why do you believe everything you read on the net?
Sully you need to be honest with yourself. You are one ignorant human-being. Your lack of education is obvious as you try so hard to expound on subjects you have very little knowledge of. Your lack of knowledge is compounded by your inability to comprehend material above a 12th grade level.
Must be what you tell yourself, lol lol

1936 1936 1936
Sully I wasn't going to do it, but you made me when you kept insisting that 1936 was the last hanging. How far did you go in school?

Michael Donald (July 24, 1961 – March 20, 1981) was a young African American man who was murdered by two Ku Klux Klan members in Mobile, Alabama, in 1981. The murder is sometimes referred to as the last recorded lynching in the United States.

This is just one--there are more. Sully quit embarrassing yourself. I feel like I'm taking advantage of you because history was my minor in college.
Took you a while to find that, first of all he was a cop killer, they actually slit his throat then hung him in a tree, so that really doesn't count as a hanging.
I have no use for hate groups, until people have honest conversation nothing can be gained, everyday people do horrible things to other people, The question is, how do we make it stop?
If we can't make it stop, How do we learn to except another persons viewpoint?

Just yesterday at work, I had to read a 2 page list of everything that constitutes welfare fraud, sign it and date to go on file with the State of Michigan.
Michigan has one of the highest percentages of Welfare Fraud.
After we signed it, we were verbally told that we could not report fraud from blacks or Hispanics, because they constantly file lawsuits claiming discrimination, lawyers who are all to happy to take cases knowing full well a big payday is coming, out of court settlements.
This constant screaming of racism has gone to far, So we are only to report white people.
At some point, people are going to know they can commit any crime they want, eventually crime will skyrocket, it will cross the doorstep of someone who is pushing for this BS.
Crime is crime, if there is a reason young black males are the highest percentage of inmates, then the communities need to fix this problem, solve the problem, not blame innocent people based on skin color.
I had this information all the time...I was just waiting to see how many people would agree with you. Also one doesn't die right away just because their throat is cut, it was the rope that speeded up the process. Just as some of you get tired of hearing about the plight of Blacks, there are Blacks that do not commit crimes, pay taxes, vote, and are productive members of society. We are tired of a certain segment of our society treating all Blacks as criminals. That could not be further from the truth.
They went and killed a cop killer, they didn't pluck him out of no where but 2 wrongs don't make a right.
Stop with the all blacks are treated as criminals, if that were the case, we wouldn't have black doctors, black cops, black lawyers, black President.
Because I know many black business owners, they are tired of a few bad apples.
True, we all are tired of a few bad apples. But that still doesn't stop cops from harassing Blacks. It does not make any difference what your occupation is, if you are a Black male you are still a suspect or up to no good. Sully what you are talking about is BS. You are on the outside looking in. No one wants your pity or sympathy, but don't try to tell Blacks how they should feel and what they should forget. After over two hundred years of oppression, animosity between the races will not go away in a few decades, but eventually it will with the next two generations. I remain optimistic.
Also, do you comprehend what you read? I said a certain segment of our society(racists) treat all Blacks as Criminals.
Well then Speedy, the only people who can clean up that perception is blacks themselves, Indians are viewed as drunks and thieves, I can't change that, the village has to come down with a heavy hand and tell the bad apples to stay in school, work hard and become something.
There is always someone who is going to hate someone for whatever reason, Strong leadership is needed, every time I see a strong black leader come out and speak, he or she gets shot down for being a " Uncle Tom" or wants to be white, or some other non sense, It's time to stop sitting around waiting for someone else to solve the problem, When people step up to do the right thing, they can muster a lot of support.

And here is where the problem lies. Politics. If you are Black, republican, and willing to forsake your race, then we accept you. But if you are Black, democrat, and speak out against injustice, you are evil, a commie, and a host of other things. No, you are not going to get many Blacks to follow that logic.
That's to broad a stroke. forget the politics, I know a couple of Football coaches, both black Democrats, they bend over backwards trying to help kids and keep them off the streets, these are the people who need to heard from.
Every year in Detroit at Halloween, it was tradition to set the place on fire, we on Devils nights we have bands of People who patrol the streets to stop the BS, Most are Black Democrats that are tired of being afraid of their own neighborhood violence.
There are all kinds of people trying to make it work, these are the Hero's we never hear about.
Sully, I have been around a lot longer than you and been through some things that you will never experience. We have had many leaders that tried to bring about unity among the races, but each time they are either jailed, assassinated, or had their reputation destroyed. This wasn't by accident, it was premeditated. And it's alive and well in 2014.
Sully I have a correction for you. You said Michael Donald was a cop killer. WRONG. Josephus Anderson was a cop killer. Because Anderson’s first trial ended in a mistrial, two klan members became upset. So they drove around looking for a victim. Picked at random, they spotted Michael Donald walking home from getting his sister a pack of cigarettes. They kidnapped him, drove out to a secluded area in the woods, attacked him and beat him with a tree limb. They wrapped a rope around his neck, and pulled on it to strangle him, before slitting his throat and hanging him from a tree across the street from Hays' house. Henry Hayes and James Knowles were the two klan members.
Local police initially stated that Donald had been killed as part of a drug deal gone wrong, despite his mother's insistence that he had not been involved in drugs. The police LIED. Beulah Mae Donald then contacted Jesse Jackson, who organized a protest march in the city and demanded police answers.
The FBI became involved, partly at the urging of Michael and Thomas Figures, local activists. Two and a half years later, Henry Hays and James Knowles were arrested. Bennie Hays was also indicted in Donald's murder but died before his trial began.
The Klan was hit with a $7 million wrongful-death verdict in the case. The settlement bankrupted the United Klans of America. The Donald family was given the deed to the UKA meeting hall in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Beulah Mae Donald used the settlement to buy her first home. She died September 17, 1988. The incident served as a springboard for other legal cases against racist groups across America.

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