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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Melissa Perry: America Treats Black Men Same as Dred Scott Days

Keep the blood boiling Melissa Harris Perry. Keep people all fired up and mad at each other.
Someday all this mouthing off is going to backfire and the people will be going at each other tooth and nail.
Is he commenting on black on black crimes, too? What a joke she is. How about commenting on cops killed every year?
No, I'll tell you what's sad and who wants to keep conservatives and liberals at complete odds with each other:

This guy, while everyone else wants to celebrate the life of Robin Williams and 'maturely' understand why he took his own life, decides to target Democrats. He takes pride in using something of this nature to capitalize on and 'feed' his people...and they 'SWALLOW ACCORDINGLY'. Oh, but not one word on the felony charges against Rick Perry. Hannity...nothing to say. Let me be the first to say that being indicted with felony charges is nothing light...especially with a person of his stature. These people aren't just 'fishing' and hoping to get a bite...they have this guy in the hook already. To think that this is the same man that led the whole 'abuse of executive powers' against the president is so very ironic. You know what? What he did is so freakin' close to BLACKMAIL that it ain't even funny.

Like a trooper, he's standing by what he did to satisfy his base...anything different would be a direct admission of wrong-doing. He's gotta go down with the ship to maintain respect by his people. Rush will take any crisis and figure out how to plant the blame on (D)'s and so will Hannity. Instead of focusing on the charges, how and why they came about, they're eventually gonna tie in the (D)'s. If Williams's had been of the conservative nature, Rush would still blame the (D)'s for his death. So, who here has the 'TESTICULAR FORTITUDE' besides Rush to bash on Robin Williams right now? Any takers? Come on, now. Everyone is always talking about the president and liberals have no 'gonads' regarding anything. Let's see who has the testosterone, in the (R)'s camp here, to rag on Williams being a liberal.

We're not gonna go down that street of liking some liberals while hating others, either. Everything I read here in these blogs is hate any/all things let's have it. This is your test.
Rush Limbaugh: Robin Williams killed himself because of a 'political leftist' attitude

posted by truesee # 8:39 PM 1 comments

Yeah, just for good measure, insurance, and proof and the cowardess available in this joint. Wishy-washy and flippety-floppety. I'm trying to understand how if you couldn't respect him before this trajedy, how can you respect him now? His position didn't change any afterwards far as I know. Slowly but surely I'm going to expose all the true faces behind the masks here. You cannot hide from me...I knew you all from the inset. Remember that.

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