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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Limbaugh Ties Ferguson To Benghazi: 'All Of This Is Barack Obama'

It never fails. Nothing is ever over until the fat, drugged out, mister potato head Russ spew out his gospel of hate and nonsense to his flock. SAD.
Yep, and I the master, called it days ago right here in these blogs. One of these days, and I might actually be gone to a better place when it happens but, hopefully LP will be around where the new generation can read all this and see who was really telling the truth about it all. You know what's so funny? These people see and hear what is Rush is doing and they can't say a word because they're full of FEAR...afraid to call it like it is. They'd rather struggle and darn near have a brain hemorrhage in some strange effort to, in some sick way, VALIDATE Rush on this pure garbage...this cesspool full diarreah, vomit, lies, deceit, and pure unadulterated desperation to insure his weak listeners are STILL ball and chain-bound.

These are the same weak people that if they even thought they were helping a (D) in any way, shape, or form, they'd pull out of what ever the situation is. Rush doesn't want his folks sitting next to a (D) in a restaurant, bar, movie theatre, etc. Don't spend your money at a place where you feel is ran by a (D) because they're gonna support Obama with it. Oh, but you're getting a much better deal than you would right down the street at your 'own kind's' place of business...I've seen it happen many a times. I used another example, a while back over in the regular forums, on how there are lots of big time country western stars that are (D)'s and posed the scenario of having to hate them, too, all while loving their music AND PURCHASING IT. Purchasing their music while they're still (D)'s and supporting Obama...while still hating them as (D)'s.

The thinking here is utterly and grossly...futile. I was told by someone, then, that my position was 'lame' so I asked them to explain and never got a response. We're a little better nowadays and I won't say who but,you know who you are and it's all good. The pure hatred for (D)'s, or, those that even have (D) tendencies intrigues me beyond measure. Let's look at another example right here at LP. This is very, very sensitive so bear with me. Not too long ago, a member here by the username LittleoldLady left us. I made note her position based on her direct posts in her blogs and posted it in the current thread...she was pretty much (D). To think that the people here actually hated this person, based solely on that, is extremely disturbing.

I mean, I'm calling it like it is...a certain people here simply abhor all things (D) and she was in that loop. Yet, and still, they seem to do a sort of 'flip-flop' in cases like that and what happened with Robin Williams. Nothing changed except the person had to do what we must all do one day and passed on. Their position was still the same politically...which means you still hated them with all you had in you. Let me explain something here. When I said I exposed myself to 'critical thinking' in my school days, I wasn't lying or just trying to prop myself up. I did it and make use of right here today and everywhere I go. We have way too many 'adults in anatomy only' only around this joint. We need people that are mentally capable of truly using their heads for more than just cultivating hair strands, trying on hats/caps, and thinking they can jump off the tops of their homes head first and land on concrete safely and without injury.

Rush is nothing more than a manifestation of the devil himself. There are two types of listeners with him: those that listen and those that listen and actually believe and act on him without a sign discernment. You know who you are.

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