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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Ben Carson Has $8 Million Dollars and 17K Volunteers

Run uncle Ben, that is the only way that you will see that you are being used. You will go the same way as Herman Cain, but faster.
Excellent, good funding and support. I look forward to his announcement. He will have a tough job of turning around Obama's mess.
Good Start Mr. Carson. If you do decide to run, I wish you the best. Whomever wins this time around, They'll have a hell of a mess to clean up.
I like him and wish him the best.
what a piece of sh1t ms. lil sh1tty is, that first comment is f'ing ignorant and racist I think comment #1 is enough to ban lil ms. sh1ttys troll KKK a$$ of the LP site entirely.

Dr. Carson is the real deal, no doubt, 1 billion times more qualified than barry and plugs combined to be POTUS.

ms. lil sh1tty, fake teacher, fake vet, fake drummer, can only dream of the REAL accomplishments of someone like Dr. Ben Carson. Pea brained trolls think that brain surgery is going to the Kroger and buying a can of Jolly Green Giant peas and replacing the old dried out one with JGG freshie. moron troll lil sh1tty.

Dr Carson in 3 seconds of his career did more than the troll ms. lil sh1tty has ever done in its entire time on this planet.

ms. lil sh1tty is so frinking arrogant and full of its self it can't acknowledge true greatness. So what does the ignorant troll do????????? tries to degrade the doctor as Uncle Ben. sad pathetic troll.
jarasan - I wonder if lil even knows who Dr. Carson is?
That's right Jarasan. that is my comment. If it hurts your feelings punk, good. Let me explain something to you stupid. Being a brain surgeon does not qualify one to be POTUS. He has zero experience, do you understand, ZERO. You deserve to be kicked off for being a cry-baby and a LOSER.
Emily, I am not going to dignify your asinine question.
I like Ben Carson, Until I hear what his foreign policy is I'll reserve my vote. It's not enough to just get rid of Obamacare, I want to hear we are going to be protected from the crazies of the world.
ms.lil sh1tty troll of the century: Being a half white, community organizer that likes golf, qualifies to be prezzy??? You dumb fuque troll.
Jarasan your pretending to like uncle Ben is negated by your racists views about race. You are still a pathetic bigot and cry baby. President    Obama says he's Black and there is nothing you can do about it you uneducated moron.
ms. lil sh1tty,   still stupid after all the facts. barry has made this country more miserable than ever, even more miserable than the day ms. lil sh1tty the troll was hatched.
Jarasan, you are and always will be a cry-baby and a little ignorant b1tch. You are a LOSER and is a fungus on society. You have no self-worth and is a vile outcast.
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