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Thursday, August 21, 2014


America's new racial low point: More crying black mothers and tear gas on our dreams

Okay, time for some serious brain storming...gonna test you with just a little bit of what I was exposed in my critical thinking challenges. We all remember the whole Trayvon & Zimmerman ordeal. Trayvon was training in MMA-style fighting techniques, and, was reportedly said to be on top of Zimmerman...straddling him and wailing on him. Well, go have a look at either the video or the still image of the cop straddling that black lady and wailing on her in the exact same fashion. There is no difference whatsoever.

This cop is also a trained professional with a weapon at his disposal. What you say, or think, if that lady had been a legally licensed fire-arm carrier and felt that HER LIFE WAS IN DANGER due to what the officer was doing to her, and HOW, and SHOT HIM AND KILLED HIM?? Zimmerman said he felt his life was in danger under the exact same circumstances...and this was with a 17 year-old unarmed teenager. Here we have an extremely weaker female at the mercy of a grown a$$ public servant and not knowing what his intentions really are in all this. Intelligent people, put your thinking caps on and entertain me with some great conversation. Those that are intelligent but, pretend not to be just to appease their friends need not apply. Granted, I cannot control you replying but, you get my drift.

Yeah, this is a thinker's topic...and it requires 'fair and balanced' comparisons. Pun intended on the 'fair and balanced' part...ala FOX NEWS. Now let's remember, the cops obviously doesn't feel threatened and that his life is in danger 'cause he's on top, with the gun, and she's not cuffed. Have fun.
No injustice is acceptable whether it be white on black, or black on white. But, when either situation explodes out of control, such as is happening right now in Ferguson, Missouri, this certainly appears to be totally racial, and way beyond whatever happened between the cop and the kid that lost his life. This incident, and others comparable to it, need to be left to the justices to determine who is at fault, and determine the appropriate punishment, if any. This is all I have to say concerning this entire incident.
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