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Sunday, July 13, 2014


Woman Finds Stack Of Anti-Hillary 'Lewinsky' Bumper Stickers At GOP Office

This is so sad and pathetic while so 'Hill-arious'...get it? Hillarious...Hillary...LMFBAO!!!! It's been proven that only (R)'s are so gung-ho with the whole bumper sticker rage...and some nasty one's at that...real nasty. They're STILL trying to work the whole Lewinski thing in an effort to find traction for the upcoming election. This is a complete FAIL and will hurt them badly while actually boosting Hillary.

Answer me this question: If anyone here has a married couple as friends and the same thing happens with them but they still find a way to work through it and be happy, do YOU still bring it up years later and talk about to other people in your clique? Or, do you congratulate them for working it out and forgiving each and moving forward...saving their marriage? See, this is where the FRONT OF RELIGION will fail Republicans all the way around because they are fake. If they were truly in accordance with the Bible, they wouldn't even think of taunting these people's marriage with such nonsense when they've remained together still. Republicans think that FORGIVENESS need not apply to this situation or the Bible period...that Hillary should HATE Bill and should've just divorced him.

We'll soon see more abortion stickers and how (D)'s just want to kill babies and how (R)'s want to save 'em all 'by any means necessary.' Yeah, they're trying to do a generic Malcom X...but fail here also. If they wanna save 'em, then go DIRECTLY to the TOP to DRUG MANUFACTURERS that produce pills to terminate any pregnancy detected. Yeah, take your beliefs to them and let's see how it goes. The bulk of these types of Republicans simply pander to their extremists...their puppets...their dumb azz followers. Rush, Hannity, Beck, Savage, and many others are the modern day Jim Jones' and David Koreshs'...and just look at how they're dying off. I'm seeing more and more Republicans jump off that broken down hate/racist wagon and use more common sense while still being a true Republican and standing for their core values. I have nothing but respect for this. Look at how Rick Perry has now attacked Rand Paul for his views right after Dick Cheney attacked him.

Rand Paul fired right back, and VERY STRONGLY, in Politico...and rightfully so. It seems that as long as an Independent says things that may somewhat support what (R)'s want, there's no issue at all. But, when they speak CONTRARY to it, then all hell breaks loose and all the (R)'s jump on that one person for speaking what they believe...heavily.

"Well, whaddaya know, Cletus!!!! We done did put a 'notha piece of the puzzle togetha with some 'troof and proof!!" It get's easier by the day, too.
Boy, if that isn't the " Pot calling the kettle black ".What is so hillarious is that you do the same thing, and then come on here and chastise others for doing this. Remember you words): "" Answer me this question: If anyone here has a married couple as friends and the same thing happens with them but they still find a way to work through it and be happy, do YOU still bring it up YEARS later and talk about to other people in your clique?"".
Sound familiar? It should. It's the same manner you try and paste other peoples comments now isn't it. Honestly, it's like open mouth, insert foot.. DUH>.
You're dam*ned right I bring it up just the same way you idiots keep bringing dumb $s**t up. All of you are constantly, negatively referring to Bill and Hillary Clinton in with articles you post up. See, you do it indirectly and get your cronies to come in and have a good time with it. Then, when I or anyone else steps up with a direct rivaling article concerning Bush or other (R)'s, you holler it's tit for tat...then go look for more. Like I told your friend, if you really wanted to, you could find so much dirt on Bush and many (R)'s to post up for everyone to review in an attempt to show that you do have the 'jewels' to cut your OWN BOYS A NEW AZZ for a change.

But, you've been castrated...the bag is empty, 'DOG. I chastise Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Quannell, Parker, and you name it when they're wrong...and you know this already. I have my own posts to prove it just like I have the posts to prove that you and your boys are pure yellow-bellies. FYI, speaking on what you believe in doesn't mean ragging on someone's back-in-the-day (10+years) marital issues via BUMPER STICKER that have been resolved you big dummy. That's just rude and you know it but, you wanna act like it's okay. You wouldn't want someone doing that to you regarding your marriage, or, anything else that's old and resolved...a part of your distant life.

Everyone has moved way on past that episode except you, your buddies, Rush, Hannity, and the're living in the past. This is why I have to go back in time, right along with y'all, and remind y'all where y'all came from. You act like the (R)'s have done, or, do no wrong ever by your silence. ...that they're the absolute answer when history clearly shows that that THEY manipulate the people's money negatively. Rand Paul spoke clearly about his own views regarding Iraq and didn't include anyone as a target. Both Cheney and Perry clearly targeted Paul because he spoke contrary to their thoughts on Iraq. None of them were rattling off dumb azz one-liners like folks here do. Paste people's comments you say? What's the difference in that and simply checking the little box over in the forums to respond/comment on a post someone made? NONE whatsoever. See, you people think you're so smart and get all giddy when you think you've gotten an angle...especially on ME. On my worst absolute worst day on my death bed, I'll STILL be way ahead of any of you because you're full of hatred.

Finally, I'd rather have put my own foot in my own mouth 'cause I can pull it out when I'm good and ready, buddy. As it stands, every time we meet, my foot is STILL HUNG UP YOUR AZZ from the last time...and I'm in control. Now, go and chew on that tuff love for a little while...'cause I don't hate people. I give 'em tuff food for thought.
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