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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


U.S. Congressman Blocked From Entering Child Immigrant Facility

DHS is covering Obama's ass on the child immigrantion issue. Hurry up and spread them around the country before anything further becomes known about the issue.
These are all Obama's children. He gave them a way in and now it's HIS problem, unfortunately it's the tax payers who will be on the hook for his stupidity. I see a major health epidemic in the making.
Do you people know the "Law"?side eye! ;)
No cyclops, why don't you inform us lowlifes as to the validity of the "law", since you're so well versed in everything. Inform us and tell us exactly what the "LAW" is...!
It's easy to tell who the low informed are...when they have nothing to say or add to the conversation they always revert to bigot tactics by name-calling. Sad.
ms. speedy STFU, why don't you volunteer your troll basement for 20 of those kids???????? You piece of dung self righteous ignorant troll.   what are you waiting for troll? crack pie pos barry loving bitch troll. we know your momma won't even let the pizza delivery guy bring you troll sticks.
They need to bus those children right up to DC and drop them off near the White House as well as a few of the wealthiest neighboring counties which also happen to be among the top 10 richest in the entire nation.
I rest my case.
LOL @ jarasan

Speedy, how many of these children will you accept at facilities near you? What are they hiding that the local US Representative is barred from entering? Have you seen the reports of the disease that is accompanying these 'children'? You need to look beyond MSNBC, the DNC, and Dictator Obama for your information.
Unlike some of you repubs, I was taught how to do research on the masters degree level. What about you flaming trolls? How far did you go in school? Crickets....
Lilspeedy - going far in school does not guarantee smarts.
I need not say anymore. One is able to go farther in their education because they are smart.
So, Speedy, instead of addressing my question, you try to impress me with your "research on the masters degree level". Ooooo... Hey, guess what? My daughter as a 6th grader was tested on the college 'research', um reading level... technical data... 6th grade. I also personally know the daughter of a friend who was acing premed tests and carried a 4.0 through 4 years of college, but could not get into med school because she was not smart enough. So your "research on the masters degree level" is not as impressive as you think. It does not mean you were even able to get into a masters program. It sounds more like a wanna be.

So explain to me again, with your masters degree level research ability, what is our DHS, HHS, & Federal Government hiding at the Oklahoma facility that they will not let a sitting US Congressman with oversight ability inside to see? Why are you protecting the DHS, HHS, & Fed Govt? Did not Dictator Obama say his administration is THE. MOST. TRANSPARENT. ADMINISTRATION. EVER. LIKE EVER EVER EVER? Or are you just being political?

Btw, I'm not "repub". I consider myself Conservative. I'll vote for Conservative Democrats over RINO Republicans. I also have a BBA, um for your masters degree level mind, a 4 year college bachelors degree in business administration, from TAMU and a CPA certificate.

And I bet you will still not answer these questions. You will attack me and others. You will disparage and demean. And you will digress. But you won't address my questions.

What do YOU have to hide?
I hate to bust your bubble but I tested a lot of students that scored on the college level, but that does not mean that they are ready to go to college, it simply means that they exceeded the norm and scored in the 90 percentile. In other words, they are performing above grade level, which is outstanding. One thing that I have noticed about you repubs or whatever you like to call yourselves you can't stand people that do not fit your stereotypes. You think all Blacks are uneducated, but I have news for you, many Blacks are educated and have graduated from some of the top colleges and universities in the US. You can't talk down to me because I will not allow it. I am a retired teacher with nothing else to prove. I am not here to answer your questions, because if I do you will never accept the answer that I give, so I don't bother myself with your BS.

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