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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Obama sticks his thumb in Republicans' eyes on immigration

No one ever asks the Democrats and Obama who claim the current overrunning of our Southern Border by Illegal immigrant children when they claim this influx is due to our immigration system being broken, how the "fix" they propose would stop or prevent such an influx?

The Democrats and their compatriots in the media are actually putting out slogans as facts.

No one ever asks the Democrats why we aren't enforcing our current laws regarding illegals and why we would expect or believe they will enforce any future laws.

Its clear the Democratic Party wans amnesty for the illegals currently here and aren't interested in anything else because they see these illegals as future Democratic Voters to keep them in power.

The Democrats could care less about any negative effects on the country from such a mass influx.

This whole mess is the fault of voters who for reasons that escape continually send politicians to DC who literally put the USA and Americans behind the interests of illegal aliens.

I hope when these voters notice their life has gotten harder, their unemployment insurance has been cut, their taxes have gone up, their kids schools decline, their kids are paying more to attend college, and many other manufactured negatives, that the reason for all their ills will be because the politicians they voted for put them second to illegal aliens!
First of all, this isn't a brand new issue that only got worse over the last six years. This problem has been gradually becoming worse and worse between the last two presidents and it's documented. President Obama, Head De-porter In Chief, has sent back millions and millions of illegals but, the Republicans won't put this information out. They make it looks as if Obama has no 'balance' and simply allows everybody to just come right over without consequences.

There is currently a resolution sitting with Boehner that got the votes needed to pass but, Boehner doesn't like and won't push it. However, he also fails to illustrate what he doesn't like about it, and, won't address it. This is where they are right now...still waiting on the (R)'s to specify what's what. This is why the President has taken the attitude that he has. If the (R)'s don't like it, then don't just sit there and pout, DO SOMETHING...SAY SOMETHING. If they feel the president's bill is too lenient, then just say it and work on tightening thing up...TOGETHER.

Nope. Mitch McConnell, and his continued mission to block all things this president, is a big part of this problem. The American People know this by now and it's hurting the (R)'s pretty bad. The Republicans don't want to seem "weak' but, there's a huge difference between weak and unwilling. I wish they all could just grow up and get some things done with fake smiles on their faces. It would do the country good right now...especially in the eyes of other countries watching all this. It's gotta stop somewhere just like it's gotta start somewhere.

In the last year, more than 350,000 illegal immigrants have been deported _ about 220,000 by plane. AP
It’s true that the average monthly rate of deportations is higher under Obama than during Bush’s term, but since Bush was in office for two terms, the total during his eight years is higher. In other words, the “more in four years than Bush in eight years” is flatly untrue, but an honest judgment of the overall point would be something more like “false, but there’s more to it,” which is sort of what they were trying to get at with the “half true” label, but it’s not really the same thing. And there’s a lot in politics that would need to be classified as “true, but” or “false, but” — but the fact-check model, with its Pinocchios and truth-o-meters, is unsuited for nuance, even if it weren’t dominated by lefty shills.

In any case, the real lying here is from the administration itself. It should come as no surprise that they are playing games with statistics to create a false impression. It wasn’t enough that Obama inherited an infrastructure built up by the two previous administrations to deport many more illegal and criminal aliens than before — they had to lie in order to be able to boast of a “record level” of deportations. Representative Lamar Smith, House Judiciary chairman, has unearthed the facts on the Obama administration’s statistical lies.

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