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Monday, July 14, 2014


Obama slammed by black Chicago residents: 'Worst president ever'

People are waking up.
Not soon enough. They were told he didn't care about them, and now he's showing them how much he does care.   Zero, Nadda,Zilch. He only cares about himself period.
barry is not interested in helping anyone of any color, if one doesn't see the true barry yet, they never will.
I can tell you the three stooges who frequent the blogs can not see anything else but his color and to them that alone makes him believable for anything he does.
Its taken 6 years too long to wake up. I think America is too far damaged by all the liberal lunatics. God is our and Israel's only hope.
And there you have it, proof of an idiot (onlyBS) that is blinded by stupidity, posts a blog saying GW was the worst,   locks the post, and gets some kind of twisted, perverted... in your face satisfaction?????????? Weirdo libtards. barry is worse for this country than ebola, scabies, and incurable diarrhea combined, dummies still see barry as some sort of pagan deity, golden calf.......d1psh1t libtards.
Um, all of us are blocked from posting in most of your blogs, first of all. Secondly, I suppose I should pull my foot out a bit so someone else can actually see for change that they only post when something negative is posted about Obama and (D)'s but, they avoid anything negative on (R)'s. Dang it, my toes are 'brown'...literally. Then, it took him TWENTY-ONE MINUTES to capture his next thought(s)...not to fire back at anyone. Just to think.

Now, of course these folks are angry. The city is under siege and getting worse everyday. Hell, I just talked to a brutha, yesterday, that moved from the Chi-town to Cypress, Texas. I was told first hand just how bad it is...and it is bad. But, this guy works with a law firm and and was intelligent. He didn't start in with the hatin' Obama deal because he knows who the bulk of these people are that are saying these things. It's much bigger than just waltzing in there, giving a speech saying how he understands, and fixing it all INSTANTLY like people expected this economy to be fixed as well.

If the dumb azz (R)'s have been giving this man so much flack on doing the basics for the American People, what the PHUCK do you think those same (R)'s are gonna say about giving him money TO HELP OUT HIS OWN CITY FULL OF BLACKS?????? You people have coffee grinds....sawdust even for PHUCKIN' brains and termites are eating the dam*ed sawdust! Good grief. Even if he does somehow imply the need for help there, you're gonna find something wrong with when he doesn't do for the white counterparts because there's no middle ground with any of you.

You people have no well-rounded though patterns at all, you just rattle off the quickest and most common, old, complacent thoughts in circulation. One liner whiners but, some of you actually try. Why isn't anyone talking about the Water Crisis in Detroit? Those are blacks impacted and can't even bathe...can't even be sanitary. There are arguments both ways on what's going on but, y'all like the article that come right out and says he's a bad boy. This is where the crisis debate comes to a head when who to help is up in the air. If he goes to Chicago first, Detroit will scream and vice-versa. All these things must be carefully calculated decisions, and, will still be stalled if the (R)'s have a hand in it.

It's so funny how in looking over so many of certain poster's responses to various articles I've saved, they're all the same thing over and over no matter what. Consistency does count, though, and I love consistency.
Hell, just listen to your self. No wonder everyone has got you blocked. We love consistency also, and I have to admit you get top honors for that. You got so much consistency for BS, it's spilling over to the next blog. Golly gee, are you saving them for a surprise party of entertainment for everyone to see? Boy, won't WE be surprised...
More repub gibberish.
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