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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Obama: Muslims Built 'The Very Fabric of Our Nation'

Everything we need to know about islam we learned on 911.
Some of the muslim "contributions" are:
1. 9-11.
2. Benghazi.
3. The Boston Marathon.
4. Nidal Hasan.
5. Muhammad & Malvo.
6. Daniel Pearl.
7. Lee Rigby (I know he was British).
Feel free to add a few of your own muslim "contributions" to the US.

Congratulations VOTERS, now you know where his priorities are.......!!!!!
Seriously? barry is trying his best to pi$$ everybody off.
Jarasan, STFU you cry-baby. All you do is whine you little punk.
You did not build that. (Barack Obama)
But Muslims did.
Sharia law
Anti-Christian rallies right here in my state.
posted by sully16 : 8:37 PM
We know who Obama and the Dems back.
Typical repub propaganda, that is not what was said. President Obama was acknowledging their "achievements and contributions… to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.” Many nationalities and religions contributed to the building of this nation. If you were not so prejudice you would know this.
ms. speedy pussy faced cork soaker, just wake up??? from yo' last crack binge?? You are a fuquing idiot troll coward piece of sh1t, an unoriginal ignorant loser troll. You are a frivolous retarded wanna be douche bag, STFU or come up with something different, plagiarist. Your half white half black idol is a fuque up a billion times more than you because the twerp got elected twice and is screwing trolls and normal people alike all over the world, your ignorant a$$ wouldn't know that because you are busy dialing yo' crack dealer when you get sober for 2 minutes, so go back to yo' pipe and STFU.
Actually Obama, Judeo-Christian values are what built the very fabric of this nation. For a self-proclaimed “Constitutional Scholar”, you should know a lot more about our history and how big of roles different groups of people played.
Jarasan, are you the top or is madfroth the dominant one? I'm betting jarasan is the bottom.
onlymoney we know you are an idiot, don't worry about us, just make sure you get your food stamps, disability checks, SSI payments, rent subsidies, and stolen internet, be happy enjoy and your free sh1t.
The "only" problem onlymoney has, is that it has to service its crack dealer orally and swallow, or otherwise it has to pay for its crack from its food stamp sales.
Jarasan you are a cry-baby and a dummy.
ms. speedy, predictable lil' ms. speedy, lil' bitch speedy, lil' sh1tty, the pipe is not helping your writing or creativity, maybe Aricept as I have recommended before, an intervention????? a good psychiatrist, barry care will handle only have two or three brain cells left.....the pipe ain't helping....
I see the juvenile has come back after he got his diaper changed.
Someone said you are not fit to sleep with pigs. I stuck up for YOU and said, 'oh yes he is.', he fits right in.
Jarasan STFU B1tch. Everyone knows that you are a jelly-back cry-baby. Screaming and having a hissy fit because you got your punk ass tossed off this thread. You are a sorry and Pathetic POS.
Dog, the one that have hissy fits when things don't go his way.
If I want to say something to you speedo, I'll rattle your cage. Until then put your ham hock back on your face.
You make me believe in reincarnation. Nobody can be as stupid as you in one lifetime.
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Case in point, your sh1tty blog is nothing but copy and pasted drivel, and you lock or block everybody. onlymoney locks its blog because it is another fuque face that can't deal in facts or reality.

lil' sh1tty STFU.

oh yeah lil' sh1tty will make a sh1tty comment on comment#22.
After what I just read, it confirms my prediction was correct. Keep an eye on Madog jarasan, he's the type that cheats, just sayin'..
Jarasan, the only reason you cried like a little b1tch is because your dumb ass was kicked off this blog, and I wasn't. You are an AZZHOLE, I'm not. You're uneducated, I'm not, you're trailer trash, I'm not. So STFUYPOS
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Jarasan you are a hypocrite and a cry-baby. When you got kicked off this thread you deserved it. You were disrespectful to Truesee and acted like a jackazz.
Speedo, it won't be long before You and your disciple are taken off either. I'm sure Todd is keeping tabs.
@ Maddog, don't threaten me with empty causes. I couldn't give a rat's ass If i get banned. That's like telling my I'm banned from living in North Korea. Dumbass ! You just don't get it, do ya?
That right, when you troll someone he's aware of that also dog. He don't get it onlymoney. He pick fights then wants to cry and complain like a pussy.
Once again a prayer goes up in Mecca:

"Thank you Allah for giving us an enemy so stupid his own people hand their country over to us, not realizing that when we start the beheadings we will go after those who supports us too. Maybe them first, just because of their own ignorance.
Right now the more of their people we kill the more of them come to our defense."
Coin Toss, Take a pill and go to sleep idiot.
Here's your chance Speedy, give us your interpretation of the President's comments. Then give us a list of achievements the Muslims contributed to this country. No tap dancing, like you normally do.
Miss worldly, you and mother goose aren't being threatened at all. Only those with a juvenile thought process and a could care less attitude would feel that way. You two are actually the biggest jokes here at LP, and justifiably so as per your actions. I could care less about either of you two, and I wouldn't even blink an eye at your demise. So, rap on turkeys, Thanksgiving might come sooner than you think.      LMAO
You maddfroth are the biggest loser here spending 22 hours a day monitoring the blogs and chiming in with your BS. You have no life loser. You and jarasan should get married and start a new life without blogs. SUCKER !!!
onlydummy showed its real vernacular and intent about half way through these comments, lil' sh!tty has always been a fuquing idiot, onlydummy and lil' sh1tty (the two punks in a pod) have nothing left...............they have nothing on their side, so they make up sh!t and attempt to insult and change the topic.

barry is a loser potus, the worst ever, and he is going to be powerless after November wait and see.

Wow miss worldly, you're just a CB Rambo aren't you wuss? You and your mother hiding behind a computer until you're confronted and the you pee your pants. You and mother goose are the funniest wimps I've heard of in a long time. Does your heritage get in the way of your thinking? Or do you come from a long line of real estate people -- meaning a vacant lot.?
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Maddog, you're just confused because I don't live up to your stereotype of a Black man. I'm a veteran, college educated, retired teacher, who was successful and don't complain about much. You and your cohorts did everything in your power to discredit me...well it didn't work because no matter how hard all of you tried I took each and everyone of you on, and is still doing it...and guess what I'm still a veteran, college educated, retired teacher, and is successful. That will never change no matter how many LIES to tell son.
"LIES you"
No black man ever presented him self like you, so no stereotype goose. A veteran, yea right . college educated, couldn't prove it by the way you blow smoke out of your AZZ. Retired teacher of what? Hate and Racism I presume who was successful at what? Crying and moaning if someone disagrees with you. You brought your discrediting on yourself. So glow blow smoke out your AZZ somewhere else degenerate. And your still not going to be anything but Shiite in my book along with others low life, now why don't you take a long walk off a short pier. In other words, who cares..!!
I know you don't care son, I don't want you to. I have been around long enough to know that there will always be people like you around. Believe it or not it was people like you that motivated me to be the best that I could you were good for something other than dung.
Not lies.! A man doesn't have to boast about any accomplishments in life LIAR.
You're not even close to being anything else but a degenerate goose. A real man would let his actions and words describe himself, and that's what separates you from the real deal low life. You may try to fool other lowlife besides your self goose but it isn't happening here.
Educated? my arse. The word you tried to use to discredit me (NITCH), The word is (SNITCH), but then again you wouldn't know any different would you. Go back to your tent and preach racism and hate to all your Muslim disciples. Now FO...!!! Educated, veteran, teacher, successful, ROTFLMAO.....
Almost forgot): You're so slow it takes you an hour and a half to watch "Sixty Minutes." JO.
Telling folks I'm a (NITCH)):Nitch

The space where the bum ends and the upper thigh meets. A nice Nitch constitutes an overhang of the bum. A poor Nitch is where the bum leads directly into the thigh. A Nitch test can be done to determine the quality of ones Nitch. Simply put a pencil underneath your bum cheeks. If your butt holds the pencil you've got a sweet Nitch. Larger objects can be placed in the Nitch to ascertain the sweetness of a nice Nitch.

You Gay Blade..!
IF you understood what I said, why correct it? That's just a tactic used when you no longer have anything to say NITCH. I could correct you many times but that is of no interest to me. This is blog writing not a term paper. I make no apologies for spelling or grammar errors. As long as you get the gist of what I am saying is all that matters son.
Because I know and a lot of others do too, There is a difference in words degenerate, so what word were you using. It doesn't have to be a term paper
( you couldn't grade it anyway ) if you don't know the meaning low life.
Well what are you saying? Gay pretense or whistleblower. SO, yes there is a BIG difference and an educated person would know. You're DO NOT degenerate.
Oh yea low life as long as "I" get the gist. Doesn't know the meaning of the word fear, but then again he doesn't know the meaning of most words.
It's been real scholar....NGFYAW.
You're just a n-itch, be proud of what you are.ESADMF
And you're nothing but a low life Gay degenerate Low Life. TYGDASIUYA.Oh, I probably wouldn't be if you kept her off the streets CSBBWES....
Onlymoney must have really gotten to you, now you are homophobic. SAD
That doesn't surprise me, that you can't read and comprehend at the same time homey. What do you do read something you think about yourself and try to transfer the thoughts to someone else? For you see degenerate I'm undaunted by your thoughts and words, because they are about as useless as you.
Now go argue with yourself scholar, you might learn something of value if you really try.   Never happen GI...
M-day, you are having another one of your hissy fits. I am not going to waste any more of my valuable time with you. I think you have wasted enough time today over nothing. You proved no point or offered anything of value. You will have to continue your pouting with someone else. I'm moving on----see yaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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