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Friday, July 18, 2014


Limbaugh Miffed Media Distracted From Border Crisis By Malaysian Plane

No one gives a care about how miffed fat druggie bald headed Russ feels. I'm sure he will keep His flock informed.
He's one of the main ones that should GFH!;)
You have to be a mindless zombie idiot to listen to that over grown fat piece of sh1t.
Obama loves distractions.
OHHHH look over there.
Rush never left 4 Americans to die while he was at a fundraiser in Mom jeans.
In fact Rush never wrote an executive order causing kids to come here and drown in a river, or get raped.
Rush never created a law that caused millions to lose their health coverage.
He never gave guns to drug cartels, oh, the same ones who killed Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexican Nationals.

Um, no one left four Americans to die and no one told anybody to STAND DOWN. That lying front has already been dispelled several times as of recently. The help they needed was 600 miles away and even if they had tried to get there, it would've done no good at all as the skirmish was already well underway. These are the facts that silly people continue to deny because they started out wrong from jump street. Then, our forces in Tripoli which was the help 600 miles away, said that it was better for them to protect our assets there in any case. Wanna argue with someone? Go give them a holler.

Now, as far as Rush goes, if his racist azz suddenly became sick and had to be 'Rushed' to the hospital, on his next broadcast he'd say that his sickness was just a distraction and that Obama was behind it. He'd say it was a scandal just so Obama could see if he had insurance through Obamacare...and all you dumb azzes know I ain't lying. The president's itinerary, as intelligent folks know, is already made in advance and he can't do anything 'hands on' with something around the world. It's why we have these things called 'telephones' where people can talk and discuss what to do, when, how, where, and why...all while still at the pre-planned fundraiser. I promise...some of you people are just putting on just for the hell of it. At least, I hope that you're really not that DAM*ED STUPID.

I hate to do this 'cause I thought at least one person here was a bit more sensible these days but, as far as post #6 is concerned, Rush didn't write anything but George Bush did. He wrote and passed the law saying basically that 'if you can just get here, then we 'have' do something with have to be processed.' For the record, they intend to amend Bush's law and not the one Obama wrote. When you get past the hate, you can see straight.
600 miles by jet is only an hour,, nice try to spin it. they were told to stand down, they were refused help days before this happened, then the piles of garbage you call your heros made up a hideous video lie.
It might have been Bushes law, but it was odummies executive order that caused the recent flood, these kids didn't start flooding here until October.
Bushes las was designed to help kids who were being sex traffic victims, not just anyone who wanted to pop on up.
LL you are right, they can an have written books and it's just raw sewage that been recycle over and over again. You Sir, can't and won't be able to reason where there is no reasoning just as many of us do say WTF! leave them to their miserable existence.;)
#11, I know I'm right and you can just see how unsettled they all are by the repeated posts. For the most part, what I'm doing is simply a study. There's a reason why scientists study (R)'s more that (D's. I find things wrong with (D)'s but these people can find nothing wrong with any (R). Doesn't that sound like a sickness to you? I find it amusing...very amusing.
Be amused, everyone who voted for him has blood on their hands.
LL ,right again , I will call out a Dems if needed and any other party and this group can never find anything wrong with anything these idiot do or say ,what makes it so blatant is that they think their right to hate the people because their not like them or agree with them. I will give credit where it's due even to a Pub when their right, but lately they are off the chart with stupidity. There is so much blood on the hand of the Pubs and Tea Party. They want to pick and chose who live and who die . It isn't their call.;)
Lilluv, must love the 55 millions babies the democrats slaughtered, by hey they were only American babies.
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