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Friday, July 18, 2014


How Shall They Impeach Obama? Conservatives Count the Ways

For every dead child that drown in the Rio Grande coming here because of his executive order leading these people to believe they would get amnesty.
How many dead children do they have to pluck out of that river before the libtard press decides to properly report the situation.
They need to GFT!!!;)
They need to charge him with murder, foe every helpless little body one of our border guards had to pluck from the river.
I could care less how many ways,as long as they get this treasonous charlatan behind bars along with his cohorts...
My biggest problem with impeachment is not that he deserves it. He does. But with who is VP. Do we really want that idiot running the country? I think we are SOL until the next election.
Thanks MADDOG and rcbbuckeye......I agree 100%
Right now I would settle for Joe Biden. Biden does not have the political followers that Obama has. Obama has his own network of radicals.
I must say the Pubs,Tea Party have several networks and we won't forget it when we vote!;)
posted by lilluv : 1:54 PM
Neither will we. Especially when Obama sent the IRS after the Tea network.
Jap69 , I guess they haul you all the way in for a moment the thought was that, at least you wasn't like most of these diehard dying Dinosaur. There are more of us than of the Pubs and Tea Party. No, it doesn't take illegal immigrants to win either. Mark my word whoever I vote for will be the next POTUS.;)
Obama the moron had 1.8 million dead people vote for him, the only way rats win is when they cheat.
side eye, black eye, blue eye, squinty eye, watery eye, blah blah blah FI
Maybe he can have all them dead children from the Rio Grande vote for him.
@lilluv- you are correct, there are more of you low-life , but you maybe in for a surprise, Hillary won't win. You will have to resurrect more than the 1.8 million dead people for her to win.
You can also bet those rigged machines won't be around either.
This is just too funny! Then, Hillary is already way ahead of anyone in the GOP...and will remain there. The hatred is why she'll win but y'all don't grasp that. Great entertainment to see so much interest in Obama. He's doing his job when folks are always talking. Reading over these threads/comments at parties while drinking is the party ITSELF!!!!
Hillary doesn't stand a chance, she left 4 American to die in Benghazi, Tripoly is only 600 miles away and can be reached by fighter jets in just under an hour.
Dick ,Bush and rest of their posse kill hundred of thousands of Iraq people and over 4000 American young men and women and they wasn't held on war crimes. So those idol thought will be proven in 2016. Hillary ,if she run will be the next POTUS! promise.;)
Those 4000 who died did so to protect us from terrorists.
Are don't you care about the people who flew planes into our buildings. Guess that's okay with you, as long as it's only Americans who die.
Carbob, I thought you learn a lesson with that loose tongue of yours ,after proving through your own mouth ,you are the low life racist. Don't try to call people low life cause they don't share your skin color or your values . One day you will learn the true meaning of being an American. Oh! maybe not ,you said you had quite a few year below that belt. The surprise will go to the Pubs if they think that this group of us will give them the bully pulpit to destroy what is left of the power of the people(government).;)
lilluv and Speedy- Anyone who votes for someone based on the color of their skin should never, call someone else, Racist.
Carbob you vote against people because of the color of their skin. So what does that make you, Huh?
A Racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by his own admission! side eye;)
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