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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hillary Clinton: I May Not Run for POTUS Because Job Too Difficult

Good, we've had enough corruption to last a life time.
Maybe, she realized, like the current President, not qualified.
Obama has been pushing the liberal agenda since elected and is failing at it. What has Hillary got left to run on except to continue the liberal agenda or to rip Obama's liberal policies to shreds.
She is stuck between a rock and a hard dick.

Never, ever thought I would hear this coming from Hitlery so I am wondering did someone get to her? That statement alone could be a death knell to her campaign? Whoever wins will have their work cut out to clean up the Obama mess, unless of course another Democrat gets in and finishes up what he started? If he ever leaves. I am so disgusted with politics, I do not discount any one of these thoughts. Sorry for the pessimism or conspiracy theories.
This is an excellent comment (i am cutting and pasting) that someone made on the story:

Let's not elect another American hating, Constitution despising, military loathing, economy wrecking, morally bankrupt, intellectually vacant, cowardly, divisive, dishonest, pathologically lying, narcissistic, psycopath-sociopath who hates Christians and Jews, the unborn, the elderly, the middle class and our Republic.
I may not run for POTUS, simply means Maybe I will, Maybe I won't. She's just going to let you repubs worry yourself to death since you are so good at it. Lol
I'm glad at least one person here has the intellect to understand the message about taking on the presidency in general. There's a ton of s**t going on both here and around the world and it's all simultaneously. This man has it much, much harder than George Bush ever had...and Bush didn't have anyone from the (D)'s side saying they'd 'oppose all things this president...we're going to make him a one-term president.' They didn't just lay down but, they didn't purposely get in the way of doing sensible things and making progress for the people.

Yep, the (R)'s are worried to death 'cause they already knew that once Obamacare proved out, and, insurance companies caught on and began making good profits, they were done. This is why Obamacare was their pet and why they drilled so hard on repealing it as soon as possible. FAIL. The stock markets are better than they were when Bush was in there almost the whole time.

Once again:

Economically, this president has taken care of this country and the interests that make it work properly and the numbers don't lie and cannot be denied. This is another reason why so many (R)'s are angry...they don't want Obama to show Bush up. Too late...way too late. He hasn't done all that he was supposed to but, he's done way more than (R)'s thought he was capable of WITHOUT THEIR SUPPORT. This is why they're taking him to court to sue him over Executive Orders.

They feel that, "If we oppose you and say that you can't do it, then that's just it!! You just lay your black azz down and take it 'cause we told you we'd oppose you from the start and you weren't suppose to have the balls to do it anyway!!! Now, we're pissed 'cause you got some things without done, WITHOUT US, and we have the lowest rating in phucking history and our resume reflects that!!!

The tax structure starting for the 2014 will upset the middle class, when they go and get 2014 taxes done, they will go through the roof, many will not be prepared for the disaster looming, it may be to late for the 2014 elections, but trust me the 2016 elections will go to whoever says they will undo the OBAMACARE DISASTER!
They are going to hit the middle class to hard and they will be jolted awake, right now they support Obamacare cause they think they are helping the poor, trust me, when they have to scramble to pay taxes, it will be everyman for himself.
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