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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Collect More Than $7,000 Per Month for 'Fostering' Adult Illegal Aliens

That's a great idea. I'm glad someone actually had a good solution for these people. They are Humans and should be given aid, good for them.
$7000.00 a month, that is an outrageous amount, the tax payers cannot keep supporting people who broke our laws, send them home.
On another note, many States have squatter rights, don't be surprised if after 30 days the checks stop and the illegal still gets to stay.
If you love them so much Joker, you can take them in, just hope you don't get one with the untreatable strain of TB.
Sully , miss worldly doesn't have the common sense GOD, gave a jack-ass.
Says he needs a gas mask every time he goes through Texas. What would the wuss do if he had to house these people.? He's a wuss with a CB mouth, much like his messiah.
So miss worldly, do you have any other words of juvenile wisdom you want to share with us? Everyone knows that you are dumb. They say you were sixteen years old before you learned how to wave good-bye. Is that right.? When your mother goose lets you wake up from your nap, come back and give us more words of stupidity.   Wuss....
Maddog, Talk about a hypocrite, you're doing the same thing that you accuse others of doing. But you're different, you pick fights then cry to Todd when your feeling gets hurt. You are dealing with grown men that are not going to take s#it from you or anyone else. Can't take the heat, STFU and mind your own f--ing business. It's simple as that. Problem solved.
Grown men? you pansy ass. I don't cry to Todd wuss. My feelings will never be hurt by such an incompetent fool as you goose. You flatter yourself much? No, you mind your own f---ing business lowlife and put you ham hock back on your face and keep it there. No problem it's solved...
That's what I said. Grown men. Did I stutter PUNK?
You pansy ass, PUNK, you don't know the meaning of it wussy. A fifth grader has more intellect than you. What do you do position yourself in front of a mirror along side of your disciple and preach how Gay you are. Low life dimwit...!
Grown man, LMAO wuss...
Maddog, it's obvious that you are a lowly yellow-bellied coward that spends too much time behind a computer screen and looking at the movie, "A BIRTH OF A NATION". SAD.
I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass. pansy...!
You are full of sh1t and not worthy of all my time punk, GFYYPOS
I'd slap you senseless ... but I can't spare three seconds! As far as a coward is concerned between you and I, I'll never fir that category, so I guess it's only you wimpy. As I said , you're nothing but a low life degenerate with a CB mouth. Gays always revert to your tactics.
I think I hear your gay blade calling you sonny, maybe you ought to change his diaper while you change your nylons pussy.
Onlymoney thinks it's a great idea because it's not his tax dollars funding them. I think he should gather all his liberal friends and start housing these poor, illegal souls. His mobile home would be a nice start unless he has downsized to a tent in the woods.
When you're a suck up of the dictator, of course you'll go crying to daddy when your feelings get hurt maddfroth.

BTW sully, mind your own business. I'll rate a thread whatever I want dumbass.

I've never seen a more bunch of whining little bitches of the right wing kooks in my life. What a sad state for Humans world wide. Losers who have nothing better to do than to spend 22 hours of their day on a site sweeping through the blogs and spew their dimented right wing garbage like the Ebola virus. We need a vaccine for viruses like you.
I forgot I had you blocked, that being said, why would you go out of your way to humiliate an innocent person, she didn't deserve what you did.
I though you were a bigger man than that.
I don't have to explain anything to you missy. Mind your own business. I don't tell you what to do, so do the same and get over it. I know it's hard for you to get over it because you people aren't used to others putting you into your place. You're so used to dishing your crap out to people who are too scared to respond when their opinions differ from yours. You delete posts when you don't want the truth out there.

HYPOCRITES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't delete anything. Sorry your so scared of me.
I used to know a guy who was really cool, I am disappointed and sad.
By the way, your unblocked, have at it.
I know you didn't delete my posts, but I was trying to say it in code because DARE I really say who I meant. I have to walk on egg shells now because others have a free ride in attacks but certain members are scrutinized and posts deleted when it doesn't conform to their agendas.

I'm not scared of you sully. But there's nothing to say to someone like you and others who condone censorship. What's the point of writing what I truly feel if it's going to get deleted anyways?

Now I have a member like you telling me what to do. WOW, since when do I need an approval and a good reason to rate threads? Wow, just wow!!!
I didn't tell you what to do, I just said it wasn't cool. go reread my pm to you.
Really sully? Not cool? How come you don't stick up for me when my posts get deleted? That's okay with you? I think THAT'S NOT COOL EITHER. So you pick and choose what YOU think is not cool right?

I know you can't stick up for me because you're in that special little club, but please don't tell me what is cool and what's not cool.
I've had plenty of my posts deleted, I don't even know what posts your talking about that got deleted.

You're a friggen LIAR pansy, your post were never deleted. If they were deleted what forum was it on.
Maddog, you need to stop being such a busy body, everyone on this thread is an adult and can take care of themselves. You are the only one that is a NITCH.
Speedo, GFY. keep your ham hock on your own face instead of up someone's ass
You're the farthest thing FROM an adult. Now mind you're own f---ing business..!!!
Maddog, I thought you were in the little special group and you should know. It was in the RIDGE thread. Dallascowboyfan made a post saying that ridge never made any racist and homophobic statements towards others. I replied after doing some research and found a lot of remarks that i listed. Not 5 miutes later, Kim Jong-Un deleted the post. Then I wrote that my post was deleted, and that TOO was deleted.

It doesn't matter anymore, I know the true colors of the admin here. I simply stopped posting as little as possible because there seems to be an agenda here. You and your little special club can write whatever you want but others who don't meet specifications laid out must either assimilate or put up with it.

I know you're going to defend the deletion because that's part of your agenda too. No matter how much anyone has to say, you always find a hole in it. You have to because you have to save face. I get it.
Well pantywaist what forum was it on. You've had twenty min to produce. Now produce when and where or you can also STFU. That's what I thought, you and your gay blade mentor can run your CB mouth, but when your faced with the situation you run and hide. You're not worth the paper you're written on pantywaist.
Unlike you maddog, i don't spend every second monitoring the blogs for the next response. I go other websites that I peruse. Now you can take your foot out of your mouth.
All right disregard my last post since you posted just as I did. I'll answer yours in one min.

M-dog can't go to any other blog because this is the only one that pays attention to what he is posting. He stays here so he can monitor what people say and then NITCH. SAD.
Onlymoney, let me set you straight on one thing. I'm only the moderator of the Jackpot forum. I can only Delete post , or move them, on my Forum only. I don't delete post on any other forum. If you had a post deleted on any forum except on mine, IT WASN'T DONE BY ME.
As far as the deletion is concerned, I don't know about it, agree with it, nor defend it. But, you accused me of deleting a post of yours and THAT didn't happen on my part.
If you really have a beef about that You need to take that up with Todd.
I don't have to do anything to save face, simply because it hasn't happened from me. If you really want to know why I follow the four of you, it's because your actions speak louder than words, what I mean by that is, you and they have a closed mind , nothing is open for discussion it's either your way (all of you) or the highway. I only converse with Todd maybe every three months or so , or whenever I see a page isn't working correctly, so don't assume that I talk with him on a daily basis. I hope this clears the air with you somewhat.....
As I've said before Speedo STFU. You're nothing but a low life degenerate, that doesn't know what he's talking about and never will because your head is too far up your ass to see any different. Now go look in the mirror and tell yourself you're nothing but a low life degenerate , maybe you'll start to believe what everyone else does...
I know the truth about yourself hurts, but I don't give a rat's azz about you poser.
FO you low life degenerate...
You are the one that got off the subject dog, so FYYTB.
You're the one that wasn't even on subject low life. You commented on something I commented to someone else, or can't you see out of the LEFT side of your AZZ degenerate. ESADJO.
Sully , miss worldly doesn't have the common sense GOD, gave a jack-ass.
Says he needs a gas mask every time he goes through Texas. What would the wuss do if he had to house these people.? He's a wuss with a CB mouth, much like his messiah.

This is where you stuck your f-ing nose is someone's else business like a busy-body b1tch.
What I commented on was none of your business . What are you business police degenerate. that was between Onlymoney and Me NOT YOUR LOW LIFE AZZ.
Don't you understand that degenerate? Now put that HAM HOCK back on your face and MYOFBJO.........This is what you always say about me you FJONGFY.
I guess what your saying is that onlymoney can't fight his own battles that he needs an illiterate degenerate to fight for him right?
I liked the way jarasan smacked you into place yesterday also goose. Oh, Boo Hoo pansy azz got his azz handed to him on a paper plate. How'd that feel degenerate. Right back at you, you sorry piece of Shiite.   YAAHOBP..
You got your ass handed to you by onlymoney, jarasan is an illogical dummy that gets his ass kicked everyday, don't get it twisted because you are embarrassed. You brought me in it when you tried to refer to me using other terms. M-day you are not that smart, you are just average son.
You don't have problems degenerate, you've got a whole of issues. I don't use other terms low life. look back, I give you the same I don't need to alter anything for you gay azz. I've never claimed to be smart at all, unlike you goose who has tried to present himself as an Intelligent person. NOT , but that theory got shot all to hell didn't it. I'll take being average over a degenerate any day lowlife
M-day, you are having another one of your hissy fits. I am not going to waste any more of my valuable time with you. I think you have wasted enough time today over nothing. You proved no point or offered anything of value. You will have to continue your pouting with someone else. I'm moving on----see yaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Well Speedy, First of all, I pm'ed OM for a reason, I could have said what I wanted to say out in the open, but I didn't, I really did forget I had him blocked, And I did so to prevent humiliation to other members, if he's the person I knew from long ago, then I don't believe he would go out of his way to hurt an innocent bystander. It was a simple reminder that hey, don't drag others into our battle.
Now on to you, listen up imbecile, that nut in Iran is close to getting his weapon, he going to direct it Israel then us. Are you keeping up with the program so far moron. That joke of a leader is leading us to our end, he's got people running across our borders, he's downsized our military, he breaking the middleclass( the real backbone of this country) Do you think people who want us dead are going to ask, who is Liberal or who is Conservative, don't think so. Weapons don't check for ID. You might want to brush up on Ancient History and realize what makes the crazies tick.
Miss Worldly, is that who I am, how about Miss Acutely aware of the History Of my people, because what happened to us, is happening to you, and your are to F*cking arrogant and stupid to see it.
Now that you are finished with your rant you ignorant B1tch, you can sit there and worry your stupid ass off. Terrorism has been going on since I was in this world. I was terrorized in the 50's, and 60's in the US and still went and fought for this country. I came back to the US and had to fight terrorism all over again. So don't sit your silly ass there and try to lecture me about terrorism. GFYB
No you didn't and no you don't...Or you would not support that piece of S*IT who is going to bail just before that nut unleashes on us.
Go do what you do best, sniff Obamas butt like a puppy
Sully, you continue to do what you do best, that is kiss people's ass, and while you are at it kiss mine. GFYYSB
Don't forget to repent went you go to your deathbed for all the evil you have supported.
I repented when I accepted Jesus into my life decades ago, what about you? Are you sure where you will go if you died today?
Then why may I ask are you supporting a man who is using the most feared arm of the Government to target and persecute Christians? The IRS!
Why are you supporting a man who is giving billions to Islamic extremists who want us dead?
They are killing all who believe in Jesus, and your homeboy is helping.
Check Mate !
Look missy you can sit around all scared and sh!t all you want, there is no fear in GOD. If you read and studied your Bible you would know that time as we know it is winding down. The Bible teaches that there will be wars and rumors of war. Those of us that are in Christ Jesus are not worried, only the people that don't believe God's word is Worrying. My conversation with you is over because I can see that your faith in God is not sincere. If it was, you would not be so afraid.
I played you like a fiddle, backed you into a corner and that's all you got?
I know in the end, I will walk with the Lord, but as a human, I fear for those I love, that is what being human is.
Now explain why you would support a man who would cause harm to your Christian Brothers and sisters?
You are not on the side of God if you are on the side that would disobey him.
Check Mate! Again.
There is nothing to check mate. You are just another ignorant and uneducated women. I don't have patients with people that are determined to be ignorant. You continue to rant about your agenda that I am clearly not interested in. The reason you repubs/tea party are so obnoxious is because you lack common sense. Why should I answer your questions if you won't accept the answer that I give, instead you spew out right-wing gibberish no one wants to hear. So for the last time take your checkmate and stick it up your azz bitch. Check mate, now GFYB
You just proved the point I was making, your not very Christian.
You take your Holier then thou and shove it.
Go read your Bible .
And you GFYYDB
I'll Pray for you.
Pray for yourself. You need them more than I do. I can pray for myself.
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