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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Can Obama Weather the Current Geopolitical S##tstorm?

He'll just go to a fundraiser, LaaaaaDeeeeDa
He's checked out. Not that he was ever engaged, only in the perks and benefits the office affords, along with the taxpayer checkbook for hit cronies and pet projects.
Oh yes he can!
Don't be to sure, Speedy, I see where a lot of your Black brothers and sister are starting to rebel, because of the immigration crisis, he started.
Carbob you are last person that can tell me anything about Black culture. All I will get from you is the racist point of view.
Carbob you are spot on, even the liberal media have reported on it, surprisingly.
Speedy, you're right on point. None of these people know anything about blacks, or, want to know anything about blacks or any other race. People may be rebelling against him but, it's because he hasn't been just biased towards his own people like they think he should. The man isn't there to cater to blacks. So funny how these 'fair and balanced' people can NEVER see or find anything wrong with their own kind...and there's plenty of proof.

Now, here's where it get's real funky. These dumb azz, hard-headed, racist-bound, and trifling people hate blacks and (D)'s so much but, they like 'em when it seems those same blacks and (D)'s are 'seemingly' hating on the president. See how that works? If you and I came here drop-kicking the President every single day, we would be the all-time stars of this web site and could put our price on donations to start a movement to help fund this lawsuit and try to impeach him. They'd do it in a heart beat and we'd be rich off of pure hate donations. You can trust me on that one 'cause I know a guy, personally, that did something very similar just to prove how easy they really are. Hate is a blinding force and their own leaders take full advantage of it.
barry is not black, not even close, you all have been fooled.
The last time I saw President Obama he was Black. Jarasan, get off the METH fool.
ms. speedy, STFU your black president has a cracker mama, he is half white, ms. speedy you are a a racist, there yet has to be a real black prezzy u dumb a$$ troll. On the other hand Dr. Carson will be the first real black POTUS. barry is a fake, ms. speedy you been jerking off onto a half white half black a$$ho1es picture for 5years, stop denying the truth.
So what does that make you AZZHOLE? Trailer trash.
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