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Saturday, July 19, 2014


A Tale of Two Responses: Reagan vs. Obama

We had a President back then who cared for humanity and now have one who is trying to destroy humanity.
reddog - correct.
We live in the NOW. Reganomics hurt a lot of Americans. It was not a fun time economically. It is a waste of time trying to compare the past with what is going on now. It serves no purpose and will not accomplish anything. All that's needed is for the repubs and dems to start doing their job. Period.
That 's right LiLSpeedy and Ms Emilyg should really really think about the things she has been say after all whether she want to believe it or not she in a world of her own.:)
That 's right LiLSpeedy and Ms Emilyg should really really think about the things she has been say after all whether she want to believe it or not she in a world of her own.:)
One is a man, the other is a wuss in Mom jeans hopping from fundraiser to fundraiser.
Reagan seen the future and switched to Republican.
Reagan saw the future that is why he was so ineffective with the economy during his tenure as POTUS. What good is it to see the future if you can't apply it to the HERE AND NOW?
Mr. Reagan was a Man who guided this Country like it should have been guided, and there is absolutely no comparison the other.....!!
It's too bad demoncrats can't read Government stats instead of lying about them for their own gain.. Excerpt from Government statistics follows):
When President Reagan took office, the headline unemployment rate was 7.5 percent. Unemployment crept as high as 10.8 percent in December and January of his second year as president, but fell to 5.4 percent by the time he left. This second year — 1982 — was the only year the economy really got worse under his watch. Gross domestic product contracted 1.22 percent as unemployment peaked and inflation remained high at 8.4 percent.

However, the rest of Reagan's presidency was characterized by tremendous economic success. Inflation declined to 3.71 percent in 1983 and averaged 4.4 percent for the eight-year period. GDP growth turned positive and averaged about 3.8 percent per year. Much of this success was attributed to Reagan's position on taxes and the Job Training Partnership Act of 1982.
Now for the leftist parasites, show us some positives signs from this socialist agenda or accomplishments that even compares to Mr. Reagan's. Why even open your mouths and make yourselves look more STUPID than you already are if your going to speak without any substance?
The floor is all yours.....!!!

You see no wrong in Ronnie because you are blinded by your foolish nostalgia of the man. I survived reagonomics like I survived all the other lame brain agendas introduced by the repubs because I didn't look to them to solve my problems. There is nothing to compare...these are two different economies. His trickle down approach didn't work then and it sure won't work now. Let Ronnie rest in peace. The dead can't solve the problems of the living.
We have living proof in the white house that they can not solve the problems of the living.
Slipshod, it's spelled Reaganomics not (reagonomics). You survived? if you survived then you must have prospered, unless you relied on your demoncrats way of thinking. You've got a very closed mind, and that's typical of the democratic society
Funny you should say, " The dead can't solve the problems of the living ". This is 2014 zombie not 1981. Open your eye's and your mind demon....!
On the up side , I can see you still can't show any comparison right? Oh, yea I know you don't have to prove anything to me, and you're right, and ONLY because you CAN"T. Thanks for the laugh....!!!        Heh,heh,heh.
If all else fails check the spelling. That tactic will never work on me. Everyone on this thread has misspelled words. It's only important to you because you don't have anything to add to the conversation of value and your feelings get hurt when repubs are talked about. Man-up, you talk about Dems 24/7, 365 days a year and it doesn't bother me. You must remember that there are other points of views and opinions. You don't have to agree with any of them, but it their right to give them. Quit being a big baby and fault finder, why don't ya.
That 's right LiLSpeedy and Ms Emilyg should really really think about the things she has been say after all whether she want to believe it or not she in a world of her own.:)
# posted by lilluv : 10:43 AM

Liliv - I would respond but have no idea what you said.
Well Ms Emilyg, I said you make all these horrible comment about a successful Black men you act as though during your youth you didn't encounter the still red line of the Pubs and religious right. You fraternize with the very that ones, no matter how many time you side with people stuck in the past you are still what you and your not seen by the content of character, if you think that I can't hear all the ridiculous comment that you witness everyday on this thread ,you can't be that naïve no way ,your intelligent can be measure from time to time,some have truth in it, but you and this case against the POTUS is off the chart for a person of our ethic group. Sorry there 's good in everyone even some of the people that battle so hard to make this man out to be a tyrant. Sorry you have some serious issues and it's not the POTUS.;)
You don't hear me crying speedy, I do respond to others when I KNOW for a fact the truth is not being told. So, if I respond doesn't mean I'm crying nor am I disagreeing, but pointing out Your lies aren't even close to the truth.
That's right I do talk about Dems 24/7, 365 days a year, because to me they are the biggest charlatans in this world. The demons couldn't see the truth if it was smacking them in the face. It's OK when you say something , but not when someone else speaks then it's these pubs this, these pubs that and then it's STFU as a last resort because you and your wagoneers can't get your way.
You want respect of your opinion, then give others the same treatment, and at least own up to the truth.   Right back at yah....!
Same gibberish each time. I don't need or want your respect because I am going to comment anyway. If you don't like what I am saying tough, I could care less. You keep saying demon and you know that is not taught in your atheists Bible.
Heh,heh,heh,. Nobody said I was giving you respect, nor did I say I wanted yours. I would never be that hard up. Where in that sentence did you read I was giving you respect.?
My Bible teaches me respect, it's not like your bible that teaches otherwise and anyone with any brains could see what it teaches you homey.
I look forward to your comment speedy just like others look forward to it, it's really good for a laugh. Pathetic, but none the less a good laugh.
Yep good bible practices there dudley. Does your bible teach you anything of value?
I mean if you practiced what was taught from the good Bible , you wouldn't be here with your words of Shiite house wisdom.!
You are a typical repub. You are self righteous, a hypocrite, and talk out of both sides of your mouth.
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