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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A Congressman Questioned A Woman Living In Poverty And Revealed A Lot About Himself

This is nothing new to anyone with common sense and truly understands what's going on. Everyone on guv'ment assistance isn't a bad person on the system…just to be on the system 'cause they can. Yeah, there are those out there that DO fit this description and make it bad for those really needing help. This, notwithstanding that those leeches DO NOT represent the one's who are good and decent people wanting to do better and get off the system.

Her comments about work and jobs…she pretty much mirrored what I just recently told another idiot here about the jobs situation, education, training, and wages for given jobs. Oh, and guess what? The Republicans are victims of these scenarios as well and I know it first hand from a friend working at the Department of Human Services. All this trying to stereo-type the Democrats only, and blacks folks, is the biggest crock pot of BS they've been cooking for a while now. You can tell by just talking to a given person on the system whether or not they want better by the way they speak, their gestures, their attentiveness to suggestions on job leads, etc etc.

This lady has pride even in the midst of her situation and makes honest efforts to try and move up the ladder…despite this guy's attempt to still classify her…to BROAD BRUSH her along with the true leeches. She handled his azz just right…professionally.

She has Pride ?, She has no pride or dignity or common sense! She's the victim of her own poor choices, Marries a man with no earning potential, couldn't afford the first child and yet had 2 more, She is not a good mother, you don't have kids when you know you can't properly take care of them, and why isn't Mr. 8.50 an hour working 2 jobs? Most likely all 3 of her kids will end up in the system as adults also having kids they can't feed, the cycle will repeat. Didn't have a desire to be anything or work hard, couldn't keep her legs closed and now wants the rest of us to take care of her, She's a joke.
LL ,now you see you can't reason these derange mind prejudice a$$ . They are not satisfy with the (Black) woman marrying her children father, now it's her fault that she doesn't stay single and wants the father in the home and he don't have a job paying what wall street are making whoopi du! you D*mn if do , d*mn if you don't.;) side eye!!!!
Wow, you twisted that around, YOU DON'T KEEP HAVING KIDS YOU CAN'T FEED!
That is a cruel thing to do to any child. People are sick of being taxed into taking care of people who make bad choices.
I'll tell you another thing about these so called poverty people, they have TV's, cable, cell phones, big gas guzzling cars, they buy chips, cookies, pop. Who do you think pays their medical bills?
You just love the thought of the stinking Government taking money away from hard working Americans to pay for lazy good for nothing people who do nothing to contribute to society.
The most cruel WTF! comment was "close your legs" , We guess to her husband and who the h*ll are you and anybody else are to speak this way about what this woman does WITH her husband. After all it's the main most false sh*t claim by Pubs ,Conservatives and Tea Party that the Black 's kids are failing because there no father in the home. Side eye! ;)
I feel sorry for the kids, they have idiots for parents.
I feel sorry for the kids, they have idiots for parents.
This is her and her husband, he makes 8.5 and she only works 6 months out of the year, they have a bunch of kids and now they cry how poor they are, give me a break, their own dang fault.
Repubs believe that charity begins abroad then spreads to home. How fickle minded can one be?
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