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Friday, June 13, 2014


We Never Should Have Left Iraq

When you have massive numbers of stupid people who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground about foreign policy and have never served their country in uniform and they unite and elect somebody of their choosing, you can bet on one thing for sure.

They will elect somebody just like themselves, somebody who doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground about foreign policy and has never served their country in uniform.

Yes, a clueless schmuck like we have now.
The problem with repubs is that they don't know when to say when. 11 years is not long enough for you. The vast majority of Americans think it is. Why stay in a country that do not want your help and whose soldier's our brave American soldiers can't trust? How many more have to die before you repubs say enough is enough. 7000? 10,000? Since repubs are good at predicting how many will die. I am a veteran but it still does not make me a foreign policy expert. Some may dispute my service to this country but they can't prove that I didn't, just as I can't prove that you served in the military. Whether you did or didn't that question is moot.
Why don't you address the article instead of me?
That way we can avoid your phony internet-derived military record.
Anyone who served in the Military, can prove they served, what you said Speedy is bs. rr is correct, not one of Obama's appointments were qualified to do the job they filled, none of them. You know that is true.
Ridge, talk is cheap. Proof is all that matters. And Carbob you are one confused individual.
Why am I the one confused, you were the one who said they could not prove they served in the military. I sure am not the one who appointed Clinton and Kerry as Secretary of State, and I did not appoint anyone to the National Security Council. Wonder who made those appointments, did you by any chance give him advice?
None more confused than poor little Speedy.
Drenick you are not on my level and we have absolutely nothing in common. So don't try to engage me in an intellectual conversation because you are academically deficient.
Carbob if you listen to yourself you will see why I think you are confused. You constantly make asinine statements like #'s 4 and 6.
Pulling someone else's record off the internet is not proof, son.
You're a phony and a fraud.
And a liar.
You oughta be ashamed of yourself.

Ridge, you will have to give an account for all the LIES you are guilty of telling. That is why you need to be born again. Also you can believe whatever you like, you are nobody that I need to impress or need approval of...then again I think you already knew that. LOL
Everybody knows who the liar is, son.
Kinda easy.
You're the Democrat.
Lying's easy compared to killing babies.
Ain't it, son?
Ridge, you're a liar and need to be born-again. Plain and simple.
I don't blame you for always ducking my questions.
Cuz you don't have the answers.
You have only chaos and confusion to offer.
Just like your mentor.
The one who reigns over your lust for anal-sex and killing babies.
You make him very happy.
Ridge I told you before you can't pass judgment on no one. You are doing too many things that are unpleasing to God. You need to be born again.
Stop killing babies, son.
I won't judge you but He will.
4,000 a day.
That's a lot of innocent blood.
And your idiot papaw and Tammy Fay won't get you out of that.
One sin wonder. No one is paying you any attention because you have too much sin in your life. You're reprobate and don't know it. That is why you can lie without a conscience.
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