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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Rand Paul: Republicans Are "Too Eager for War"

You're got dang right, Randy!!!! Sure, there were some Democrats that got on that pre-sunken war boat but, it was because of all the BOGUS reports the Republicans were circulating at the time. Hillary said clearly, "Use those powers WISELY. She didn't say, "Let's bust the door down and open a whole new can of worms for the next ten years." Cheney said it would only take a 'few weeks' and we'd be out...he was sure of it. Now, of all people, he's launching an assault against the president for not doing anything. Wow.

Then, Hannity with his wishy-washy azz was talking about how if Obama had just "left the soldiers there, a contingency, none of this would've happened." That's a bunch of corn-filled BS if I've ever heard an seen any. First of all, Maliki did in fact REFUSE to give American soldiers immunity while providing services in Iraq during the aftermath of's documented. Well, the president wasn't going to leave behind our soldiers, ANYWAY, under those circumstances but, the those dumb azz Republicans won't tell their people all this. It has to come from the Democrats...and it's true.

Then, and most of all, GEORGE W. BUSH signed off on the agreement that ALL AMERICAN TROOPS WERE TO BE WITHDRAWN IN 2011...AND THEY WERE. Obama had NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THAT. Again, those dumb azz Republicans won't tell their people any of this. They just sit back and allow Obama to take the hit for their people's uninformed and unwillingness to dig for truth biased azzes. Not all Republicans fall into this sense of dumbazzness, stupidness, unwillingness, hoodwinkedness, etc. A lot of them know better but they just keep quiet and do the right thing(s) when it's time...and I applaud you for it!!!! Do your diligence and be a part of the solution.

Per George Bush, " Now, watch this drive!!!!!" I actually like George Bush because I strongly feel he doesn't hate blacks. I use him at times, though, to prove my points because people here act like only Obama has made bad calls as a president. Not true. He's doing what he feels are the best things just like Bush did. Then, we have some idiot here that post a list of things that supposedly ALL LIBERALs fall under...a broad brushed implication. For instance, that all Liberals feel that what Bill Clinton did is okay with all of us and get's a pass. No, we all don't feel that way, you dumb azz...and we know better.

However, for someone that supposed to be so well versed in the Bible, you obviously don't know a PHUCKIN' THING ABOUT FORGIVENESS, do you!!! The man made a mistake, just like thousands of others WAY BEFORE HIM AND THOSE THAT WILL AFTER HIM. His position means nothing because he's human and a man FIRST...subjected to temptation(s). Men can get weak in anything...ANYTHING.

Anyhow, I can see where the idiots don't want to admit how they made such the mistake by going into Iraq. Hell, Sadaam actually had things under control..none of this BS was going on while he was in power. Oh, well. All these soldiers coming back ruined physically and mentally...for no good reason and theses IDIOTS want to send them right back in order to support their phony current position about Iraq!!!

When you ain't got no dog in the fight that can be hurt or killed, and you don't care, you'll send everybody else's dog in and bet on 'em. When you lose, it doesn't sting 'cause 'it's only money that you've lost and not your blood.' Case in point you dumbazzes!! Most Republicans should be actors 'cause they're so very good at it...WHILE SO *ED BAD at the same time.

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