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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Palin: Obama Admin Doesn't Respect Vets Who Served with 'Real Honor and Distinction'

Sarah as usual makes idiot statements to the cheers of the lustful, married repub men. Sad.
Sarah said:
"God bless the Greatest Generation. A grateful nation owes you everything.
Please read this moving account of D-Day: It confirms our commitment to never letting the angry faithless kick God out of our public square. Further, it should empower you to support new leaders who don’t pretend to have all the answers, but instead humbly call out to God for wisdom, strength, and His hand of protection over America, especially in perilous times."

God Bless Sarah for caring about our Greatest Generation and all of our Armed Forces and Veterans while Obama disrespects them and their sacrifices by making a deserter and collaborator a hero and sending out his stooges to claim the traitor "served with honor and distinction." What an insult to them and to all of us who have ever served.

Sarah says we need leaders who humbly call out to God for help instead of these Democrats who don't want God's name so much as mentioned. And she's right.

God Bless Sarah Palin.

Palin is right.
Sarah Palin more than exemplifies the TRUTH, over the lying Democrats.
Palin is like bad skin, when you least thinks, she'll rear her ugliness with puss and all just go away, away.;)
Hey lillpuss, why don't you and lillhotrod just ram your heads up each others asses and just roll on down the hill far far away from the rest of us practical thinking folks?? Sure would be great to unload a ton of crap off this prestigious hilltop!!
Listen you crap ball, Palin is a public figure just as the hateful nutballs that say all kind of sh*t about the first family even their kids , so suck it up and STFU!,i make no name calling statement to the bloggers ,I suggest you do the same;)
Lilluv sounds a bit jealous of Sarah Palin don't you think? I pity those who go through life being depressed about how they look. Cheer up Lilluv, a little cosmetic surgery and whole lot of make-up can go a long way for girls like yourself that ended up with an overdose of ugly chromosomes .
Bit*h! as MC Hammer said, you can't touch this and you pubs undoubedtly have very few looker in the rein of your party ,everything I see are all old white men and Barbara Bush looking chick. So buried that sh*t right in your piehole, sorry decent people I digress. You sound like one of those old a$$ chicks who thinks your word resonate with us well here's the answer "NOT" STFU!;)
This is Truesee's blog. Topics are posted to be commented on and not to attack others. Everyone's opinion counts whether you agree with it or not.
ms. speedy syftm.
Jarasan you were gone once and you will be gone again. No one is acting like you.
So Sarah Palin says those who served with honor and distinction not getting respect while the so called commander-in-chief goes gaga over a deserter and most likely traitor.

If it wasn't so pathetic it would actually be a little entertaining to watch those on the left preach 'tolerance' until Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter say something.

It's pretty obvious this whole Bergdahl deal was to take the people's minds off of the VA scandal and the liberals are blind to it or don't want to admit it.

And for those praising the one for five swap consider this from the Washington Post:

Top intelligence official claims: Obama admin. funded terror network ‘for the next ten years’

If anything can be done to harm America or American interests, Obama will do it.
More insane gibberish.
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