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Friday, June 27, 2014


Obama's outreach includes summer visits outside D.C.

It's good but he still needs to be doing a lot more to speed things up. Ed from the Ed Show (MSNBC) came down on him hard, long, and frequent two days ago about putting forth more effort for the jobs and I agrre 200%. This is the difference betwee (R) commentators and (D) commentators. The (D)'s have no probelm coming down ON THEIR OWN when it's right, feasible, and warranted.

Republicans just go along with whatever is blowing in the wind even if it's piss and their own people are telling them that it's raining. Yep, just like that and they know it. They're all over Lois Lerner about some *d lost emails that have been confirmed legitimately lost way prior to all this from an IT expert via EMAIL EXCHANGE BETWEEM LERNER AND THE IT SPECIALIST IN 2011, y'all!!!

For references's sake, the Bush administration 'lost' MILLIONS of emails. I didn't see Louie Gohmert or anyone else offering $1M to find 'those' emails like he's doing with Lerner. Yeah, the writing on the wall. The (R) party has changed dramatically compared to (D)'s...they didn't use to be this way.

There were a few bad apples here and there but, it's like the whole *d orchard is rotten now...bugs and all. Rand Paul is the only one with balls to put Dick Cheney in his place and I applaud him for it. He ain't far right and he ain't far left...he's independent and reasonable. But, a few (R)'s don't like him now behind those comments. The truth hurts...and that's why so many (R)'s are teary-eyed right now.
Wow, and you are the spokesperson for who???
I could ask you the same thing for the replies you make...right? You told Speedy, in another thread, that at least someone had the 'jewels' to speak their opinion. Oh, but now, I have to be a spokesperson to speak my opinion...right? Now, can you see how azzbackwards and judgemental you all are? Tell ya what, if you really wanna tell me something, tell me how all y'all feel about Cheney's openly gay daughter.

Then, tell me how you feel about Obama advocating for her rights. Then, tell me how you feel about Dick Cheney supporting his openly gay daughter that's supported by Obama...while you still love Cheney but hate Obama's guts. You and all your friends are HYPOCRITES to the core, MADDOG. All of you are afraid to call out such hypocrisy for fear of losing your so called friends, buddy. All this one liner BS you all post is just that...BS. Unlike you, I look at both Fox and MSNBC and sift out all the truth. You just look at Fox and listen to Rush, Hannity, Savage, and Beck...that's it and I can tell by your posts. You're afraid of learning the truth coming from your opposition so you avoid them at all costs. Not me. You can learn something from anybody, especially what you deem as an enemy. When you feel you can't learn, buddy, you're really in the dark.

That...coming from a guy who listens to all 'your' favorites everyday and learns something. When you limit where you want to find truth, you limit your whole intellect...because truth is EVERYWHERE. Not just where it sounds appealing to you.
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