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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Obamacare Round 2 at SCOTUS

Obamacare lost.

He is going to be pissed now.
It's still early and the insurance companies have found out to adjust and still make their projected. Republicans hate this and it's what they feared from day one...that this sector would actually do better.

Now, for some REAL food for thought that no one else is willing to prepare. Just listening to Rush and he's preaching on how women can still get abortions 'through abortion-inducing pills/meds' etc. etc. etc. and how this ruling is such a great victory for the (R)'s. His position and all those like him is such that they're only happy because it merely defeats a portion of Obamacare...that's it. They could care less about women and they're freedom of choice and here's the proof:

If they cared so much about birth control, abortions, and the right to live, then they'd outright PROTEST the MANUFACTURERS of both BIRTH CONTROL PILLS AND ABORTION-INDUCING PILLS/MEDS...PERIOD. But, no, they only targeted the (D)'s and Obamacare because it's easy, cheap, and pleasing to their base. What HYPOCRISY at its' best that only the (R)'s can deliver. It was all about the guv'ment footing the bill from the start which is a completely different argument but, they used the guise of RELIGION. Yep.

Oh, but they don't mind spending millions of guv'ment taxpayer dollars to try and sue the president. Yeah, they may as well spend the money they save on abortions on something more viable. By the way, all the immigration breaches are Obama's fault, too. Bush had no breaches on his watch, gave no food stamps to 'em, no drivers licenses....nothing. Obama loves the breaches so much that he's DEPORTED over 2 million of 'em and is dubbed Head De-porter In Charge. Can't make this stuff up, or, see it/hear it on FOX either. Bush signed some 'very interesting' executive orders...and a lot of 'em. Republicans all clapped and whistled. Nobody threatened to sue him...nobody. Look into "twelvetriplethree (12333) by president Reagan who dealt 381 executive orders. In fact, Boehner wrote President Bush himself and asked him to pass an order to exempt the Delta Queen steamboat from a 'certain maritime law.'

President Reagan is considered the 'father of modern surveillance' complaints, though, on this front. Facebook is collecting all information/data on its' users and distributing it as it pleases...all while people are so pissed at the IRS for doing the same thing. Facebook could secretly tell who likes what party and why...'cause people talk on Facebook about their party and why. People are so hoodwinked with Obama by Rush, Hannity, Beck, Savage, FOX, and you name it, that they're completely missing what's REALLY going on in the world.

I haven't even got started yet...believe me.
What they mean is the President have another round with the s***bags!!!;)
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