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Saturday, June 28, 2014


Obama: Republicans 'Don't Do Anything, Except Block Me And Call Me Names'

You're a liar, Harry Reid has been running interference blocking everything that they try to put to a vote.
Liar knows full well he can expand his quasi dictatorship by executive orders this way, only everyone has had enough.
Everyone knows that the repubs took a back seat to the tea party repubs. The tea party is running things. They are the true obstructionists, the other repubs are just there collecting a big fat check at tax payers expense. The other repubs are just puppets.
At least Tea Party Republicans are not puppets on a string like members of the Democrat party.
The tea party are puppets for the Koch brothers. Bought and paid for. Now let's have that tit for tat. So predictable.
The Koch brothers support politicians who think like they do. The Koch brothers are a real pain in Democrats ass. Ask Harry Reid about it.
The Koch brothers are a real pain in the Americans azz.
Ahhh, yeah...the name calling. Look at how that resonates around here. Mitch McConnell started the 'block all things this president' movement shortly after Obama took office. Want Mitch's quote? I have it as proof. Look at what Rush called the black voters in Mississippi, y'all. In his defense, though, at least he's open with it! Lotta fakers around here pretending not to be racist, or, call us black folks nasty names in private.

Puppets on a string? Right now, Republicans are on board with McDaniels with what happened in Mississippi...he's saying the vote wasn't fair, was 'unethical', and 'illegal'. Wow. All because blacks voted Cochran in and bounced his racist azz out! Oh, and what about the guy in the McDaniels's camp that was to sneak in a take pictures of Cochran's bed written wife? HOW LOW IS THAT? I'll tell you how low it is...that guy committed suicide 'cause it was getting too hot. All of 'em are Republicans in the same camp but, they hate Cochran because blacks like Cochran more.

It's most definitely a race thing. Let's look at the lesbian police chief that was fired by Mayor Earl Hubbard Jr. after 23 years of good service. He trumped up some bogus write ups in an effort to support his actions. In his released statement, he said he'd rather have his child around a person that drinks too much than a person that lives that kind of lifestyle. Wow! He'd rather have his child in a car with a drunkard than a sober lesbian! Let that soak in for just a minute or two, y'all. It's a good time to be black and those bold colors that president Reagan spoke about...they're showing up. Gone are the pastels. Someone here posted an article that contains a line about the Bible saying that it's basically okay to judge people. Is it 'Judge not lest ye be judged'? Hmmmm. Since it's okay, let's see your judgement on the Cheney/Mary/Openly Gay deal. Let's see you judge Obama for supporting her and her dad in this regard with his actions for equality. Hate Obama, gotta hate Cheney and his daughter. Still like Cheney and daughter in all this, gotta like Obama for supporting them both.

See how that works? You can't like (support) one and hate the other for the SAME THING...THAT'S CALLED DISCRIMINATION. Now, these are the 'puppets on strings' mentioned elsewhere. This is too easy.

The head troll, and his cling - on, and the snake in the grass aren't worth the time .
Repubs have their own definition of a troll. They brand anyone a troll that doesn't take their crap. I guess I'm a troll. I have been called worst.
Oh Boo Hoo, they called me names. Wah   ,    moochie...!!!!
Now that's being a real troll son.
Maybe it's about time you looked in the mirror daddy...
Bigot....   And yes, I am a troll. I'm an Independent rebuking your democratic gibberish (garbage), at every turn.
You are not only a troll but a racist one at that.
And you call yourself a man, pussy? Sounds to me like your panties are on too tight...
Sound right, Lucky Loser you hit the nail on the head . The bright and bold colors are here to stay and those old DOGS will hollow, when they get the sh*t knock out of them. Word!! side eye;)
A kicked dog will hollow. LOL
Wow, side eyed, kicking, and knocking, I sure wouldn't want to mess with you people. I'd be scared to death of ya'll......               Nah, I'm not ya'll and talk sh*t.
Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy is the only sin that really inflames them. Inasmuch as liberals have no morals, they can sit back and criticize other people for failing to meet the standards that liberals simply renounce. It's an intriguing strategy. By openly admitting to being philanderers, draft dodgers, liars, weasels and cowards, liberals avoid ever being hypocrites. Geez, does that sound familiar boys? I can see the shoe definitely fits.....!
Since you don't believe in the devil, a myth as you call it, it is natural for you to lie, backbite, and keep up strife. You don't believe there is a consequence for your actions. This is where you will have a rude awakening buster.

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