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Thursday, June 12, 2014


McCain: Obama's entire national security team should resign over Iraq

McCain sounds like the biggest idiot in the world.
McCain said later on the Senate floor that the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq was dictated by politics and not by the nation’s security interests.

“All of this could have been avoided,” McCain said of the growing strength of al Qaeda-linked jihadists in Iraq.

He warned they will use the territory they control in Iraq and Afghanistan to plot and launch attacks against the United States.

He accused the Obama administration of squandering the security gains that cost the lives of 4,486 American soldiers and cost U.S. taxpayers what a 2013 Harvard study estimated to be $4 trillion to $6 trillion.

McCain blasted White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, Obama’s former deputy national security advisor, for telling reporters in 2011 that Iraq was secure, stable and self-reliant.

“There’s no question this is a success,” McDonough said at the time while serving as deputy national security advisor.

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What about when Bush said "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED". Iraq wanted the USA out, well they've got their wish. Bush could not finish the job that he started. If it was up to McCain we would be fighting for another decade. That is why the American people rejected him as a serious presidential candidate. He is a war monger.
Waaaaaa, what about Bush waaaa what a crybaby. Cant you "lil" people get over it by now?
Lejardin Ignorance is Bliss.
Big man, control freak.
Lejardin, you are only on here because it's free. Now that you have had your two free posts, STFUB.
@lejardin, ms. speedy doesn't stay on topic and makes personal attacks on other members because it is a libtard troll that has a smooth surface brain the size of dried out pea. Pay no attention the troll's pea brain is about to explode because the house of cards is falling big time, and the fascists can't BS their way out of the incompetence and outright endangerment they've unleashed on the world.   You see idiots like ms. speedy ignore facts and truth like the plague because they can't be wrong about anything.   They'll even tell you ISIS isn't cutting off the enemy's heads en masse as they roll towards Baghdad and this was barry's great success when they pulled out but now it's GW's fault because the whole thing is going into the sh1tter and now its not barry's fault. bunch of fuquing aholes libtard loser fascists in the white house.
Leftwing loons are always real tough guys with women.
They piss their pants if a husband or a boyfriend shows up though.
Although they stay tough behind their computers.
Can you imagine that roly-poly, fatass, Sherman Klump lookin' POS Speedy talking to lejardin like that in person when she had her man with her?
It would never happen.
Never in a million years.
Lol " little man syndrome" has some anger issues. It appears my LP status is a major problem. Really short stuff it is none of your business why I am here but since it bothers you have at it.
Lejardin you're here because it's free.
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You don't have the last word because you only get so many free posts. I don't say anything to anyone unless they say something to me missy.
Last word is not an issue for me. You always back here to see what you can complain about and be the last post. No need to respond we already know your redundant answer.
Jarasan and rdgrnr you are both correct about that lil speedfreak. He is so repetitious he is boring.
I agree lejardin, his routine (which never changes) got old a long, long time ago.
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He's a one-trick pony.
If I had to describe him in a word without using the word "liar" I'd say "boring."
Does anybody even like that fool besides his only butt buddy?
All of you are whiners and complainers. It has been five years now and you are still crying about the same thing over and over. Now that is sad. Lejardin you are just another sad, lonely, broke, and dumb broad.
Sherman Klump is gettin' mad, LOL.
Quit whining Ridge, you're sounding like a broke record.
Ridge, that's very mature of you.
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