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Friday, June 13, 2014


Impoverished Mother Dies In Jail Cell Over Unpaid Fines For Her Kids Missing School

Democrats put woman who has no money in jail for not paying truancy fines.
The Democrat jailers don't give her blood pressure medication.
She dies.
Oh well, at least the Democrats got to CONTROL her for a little while anyway.
We can not allow kids to miss the Democrat indoctrination camp schools at any cost.
Even if it means imprisoning someone for not paying fines when they are destitute.
Even if it means the mother must die.
This country has gone to he!! under government supervision.
Repubs are the only ones concerned about getting all they can from the poor and oppressed.
LilSpeedy - you should have figured out by now that Obama loves the rich. He does not give a hoot for the poor. How many bankers did he put in jail?
Emily your problem is that you are too concerned about what man is doing and have taken your eyes off God. That is who I place my hope and trust in. That's why things don't bother me like it bothers others. I take God at his Word because God can't lie.
God said sodomy is an ABOMINATION, speedy.
You said He can't lie.
He also says he knew us in the womb.
You said He can't lie.
He also said not to shed innocent blood.
You said He can't lie.
Yet you call me a homophobe for opposing sodomy and say it's ok to kill babies.
You better forget your papaw's babbling nonsense and Jim and Tammy Fay Bakker's preaching and get into the real word of God.
Those idiots done filled your head with bullsh!t, son
Ridge, you are and always will be a one sin wonder. You have a reprobate mind and is on your way to he11.
Don't tell me, tell God if you don't believe His word..
If you want to believe your goofball papaw over God, that's your business too.
Makes no difference to me.
You are the one that doesn't believe in God's Word. You don't believe you need to be born again because your priest said so. Keep believing that son.
Who you gonna believe, your idiot papaw and Tammy Fay or the Almighty?
The choice is yours.
Don't come cryin' to me, son.
I could never believe your priest. Too many of them live a double life. I believe preachers that live the life that they preach.
"should" in place of "that"
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