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Monday, June 30, 2014


How President Obama will be impeached

This will be the move that puts one more nail in the coffin for the Republicans and the lawsuit will fail...which means impeachment will also fail. Yep, just keep giving 'em rope...

Time for a EXTRA LARGE POPCORN refill, footlong chili-cheese dog all the way, EXTRA LARGE chili-cheese fries will jalapenos, and a 'small coke.' Somebody is saying, "What the hell good is it to order a small coke after all that other stuff?"

Yeah, when all this crap that the (R)'s are about to pull backfires, they'll be trying to make themselves look and feel better by trying to work with the (D)'s (small coke). But, all the damage will already be done and digested. Get your Pepto and Tums ready.
Do the math people, even (hypothetically) speaking, if all the democrats running for office lose the republicans would only have 65/66 votes in the Senate. You need 67 votes from the Senate to Impeach. Highly unlikely, but even if that scenario doesn't materialize, Obama and company will be the lamest of all until he's gone and that you can bank on....!
Popie   these miserable a**holes are simple as this, putting a nail in their well deserve coffin. Right again LL ;)
I am counting down the days until he is gone.
Word^ between Popie and these was [email protected] ;)
We can sure tell who is getting the Obama freebies !! Keep talking sh&t LOOSER and Buttluv. Just shows your ignorance.
Return fire @ scalded dog...I mean reddog:
Yeah, we can play the name-calling game's all you people know how to do when you've been ousted. You come straight from Rush's loins, buddy...the inner depths of 'em. Freebies? Naaah, Lucky get's nothing for free...I pay for all and everything then treat others to cool things 'cause I make and win good money regularly.

Yep, you're one those Extremists that deserves every bit of the same bashing that Mc Daniels is racist and hateful sorry excuse for a male human being. You're that piece of corn embedded deep inside that lump of hog $hit. I guess you're trying to carry the torch for the other MIA's? Well, be sure to hold it real high so everyone can see 'cause it's fading real fast...and it's 'dark' in your camp. Pun intended...pun intended.

I wonder you, and everyone like you feels about Jesus? Jesus GAVE the whole time he was on Earth and helped people. He GAVE, you dumb azz, which means that you must hate Him as well 'cause He's LIBERAL. This morning, HE GAVE you the breathe of life and woke you up with no charge to you. Yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it along with that real good crack you're also inhaling.

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