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Monday, June 9, 2014


Hillary Clinton's challenge: Her relationship with President Obama

Every time I see Hillary all I can think of is Benghazi.

Just the mention of her name makes me think of Benghazi.

Her last name might as well be Benghazi because when I think of her I think of those four Americans looking to the skies waiting for the good guys to come and save the day. The good guys who never came because Barry went to bed and Hillary did nothing.

Maybe the Americans were Republicans though.

They rushed right in to save an American traitor in Afghanistan though and gave up the Taliban Hierarchy to save him. Maybe he's a Democrat. His parents are. And he acts like one.

We have an American Marine who served two tours in Afghanistan rotting in a hellhole Mexican jail for making a wrong turn and they won't lift a finger to help him. And this Marine really did serve with "honor and distinction" as opposed to the administration's lies about the traitor, Bergdahl.

See how everything is backwards with Democrats? Good is bad, bad is good, good guys are bad, bad guys are good. Common sense is stupidity to them and stupidity is their common sense. And lies, lies, lies, lies.

Do you know where that comes from?

It comes from the prince of this world, satan, who reigns and prospers in the midst of chaos and confusion. Having everything backwards and upside down is his modus operandi. That's why the Democrats are so counter-intuitive. That's why they think something as unnatural as sodomy is natural and that's also why they think there's nothing wrong with killing cute little babies. To the contrary, they think it's a GOOD thing and call it a "women's health issue" and "women's rights." See how the madness of their thought process all fits together with satan's wishes?

It's no coincidence.

The Democrats are satan's useful idiots.

Well said Ridge !
If and when Hillary decides to run for POTUS, President Obama will be an asset more than a liability. Repubs are born liars and will lie on anyone that don't agree with their agenda. They have ruined their creditability with the American people and just flat out can't be trusted. None of them!
A perfect description of the democrats, couldnt have said it better myself, however, your assumption of obama being an asset is way off base, even his fellow dems are distancing themselves and many are very po'd with his actions. American people will show their dissatisfaction come november.
I heard all that nonsense before. In fact I heard it twice. When will repubs learn?
I will I say it for the former 1st lady , all the Pubs with heart of sh*t can kiss her A$$.;)
Speedy, have you not learned anything at all, about this administration? Besides taking out Bin Laden, list me some of the things where our lives and security have improved, under this administration. Now you want one of the main players under this administration, be elected President, so this downslide can continue. Are you nuts???? Majority of Blacks voted for Obama, based on skin color. Now, you want to elect someone, based on their sex? I will answer the question, you are nuts!!!
For the record she will be President and we will see this just live on a few more years . I will see many more elected if I live the years promised for a good life by the Lord.;)
I hope the Good Lord let's you live longer than all the babies you vote to kill, Weezy.
No promises though.
The Bible says you'll get the same mercy you give to others.
So good luck with that.
rr- they could care less about that. Their claims to be a Christian are all baseless lies. That is why it is so easy for them to lie. No faith.
The far left does not believe in GOD. They just want to make themselves feel righteous by acting as if they do.
Carbob, that is where you and I differ. I am a born-again Christian, you're not. If you are, you never professed it. You don't have the power to put NO ONE in Heaven or He11. Jesus is the only one that knows who is a Christian and whose not. So what you are saying is gibberish and the words of a confused human-being. Jesus is still in control, that is what you repubs just don't get. Jesus said that that He would take the foolishness of this world to confound the wise. No repub or dem is smarter than Jesus.
Speedy, put this question to your Pastor, come back and give us his response, word for word. Ask him, does he believe God condones abortion?
@ CARBOB and Drenick1
The Bible says in James that faith without works is dead. If someone knows babies are being slaughtered and doesn't do anything about it (works), then they'll be shown the same measure of mercy they showed for those poor babies - none.

Some people erroneously think that they can vote for baby-killers (Democrats) and as long as they don't personally twist the babies heads off they get off scot free. Wrong. Believing it's wrong is not enough. Praying for it to end is not enough. God expects "works" to end it. And that means at the very, very least to stop voting for it and stop defending it and to at least speak out against it and condemn it.

Some people think you can pick out one sin (supporting abortion) and knowingly keep committing it and everything will be ok as long as they're good Christians in every other respect. Wrong. The Bible says if you're guilty of one, you're guilty of all. You don't get to keep your one favorite sin. You have to renounce and repent of all your sins.

But some people can't accept being wrong.
And they'll die in their sins before accepting the truth.

Carbob, as a Christian I already know the answer, you need to ask your priest or pastor where they stand. Why should I waste my time with you? Jesus said to not waste your time with people that don't accept the Word of God, and that's putting it nicely. Jesus actually said, don't feed that which is Holy unto dogs. So If I'm guilty by association, so are you. So every senator or congressmen that supported the KKK, Black Codes, Segregation, the beatings, rapes, and murders of Blacks and minorities you are responsible for. Don't make sense huh? Well that's how it sound to me when you say I condone abortion.
Why do I get the feeling you are tap-dancing, avoiding the truth. I asked my friends priest and he said, No. I also asked him if he believed God forgives all sins, he said, No. I agree with rr , if you support people who believe in abortions, then you are just as guilty as them, period.
All the Klan supporters in government were Democrats like Robert Byrd, who was himself a Grand Dragon or something like that. It was the Democrats and those who remained on their Plantations for free stuff who kept voting for those people in government, not us.

There's no comparison whatsoever. It's like when they deny that the Democrats were the slaveowners and that the Republicans ended slavery, a complete lie. But they still swear to it cuz the low infos fall for it. Democrats just can not stop lying.

They deny that it took the Republicans in Congress to pass the Civil Rights Bill too because of all the Democrats voting against it. Liars, liars, liars.

I know one thing, there's going to be "wailing and the gnashing of teeth."

"What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? Can faith save him?
If a brother or sister be destitute of daily food,
And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?
Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone."
-St. James 2: 14-17

So in keeping with Holy Scripture, it is not enough to say that they are not slitting their throats PERSONALLY. What does that profit? Does it solve the problem that they are well aware of? No. It takes works to solve the unholy sacrilege, utter blasphemy and unspeakable atrocity of abortion. It takes a loving Christian heart. It takes compassion. It takes works.

And like the Holy Word of Almighty God says: "Faith without works is dead."

Voting for pro-abortion people and then claiming you have nothing to do with all the babies killed is like driving the getaway car for a bank robber and then claiming you had nothing to do with the bank robbery. It's just preposterous. You're just as guilty as the guy who held the gun in the bank robbery or the guy who stuck the drill in the baby's skull to scramble his brains in the abortion.

Lord God in Heaven, help us prevail against these evil ones.
Thank you ,but no thanks I will believe with my fellow Christians and the Pastor that why we attend church ,cause we are like wise when it come to all people of all creed and race. Not from people who only love people who think and look like them . Once again that why we fellowship with people who actually don't care where you came from or who family you belong to. No Thanks! X ;)
It doesn't matter what your "fellow Christians" believe, Weezy.
It only matters what God says.
Do your "fellow Christians" vote for baby-killers too?
I'm not surprised they like you then.
Cuz you're a baby-killer too.
So go ahead and try to convince each other that baby-killing is ok.
It doesn't matter what you and them want to believe.
Makes no difference.
You'll all answer for it.
Good luck with that.

There is no luck involved, all one needs is to be born again like Jesus said.
Speedy, you still don't get the point. God will not or does not forgive all your sins, so you can only be "born again", in your own mind.
You're right, CARBOB.
God only forgives the sins you're sorry for and repent from. You don't get to keep committing your one favorite sin and defending it. You have to repent and ask for His Divine Mercy and forgiveness.
But some people are too proud to admit they're wrong.
And pride itself is sin.
And pride always goeth before a fall.
Read your bible Carbob or go to a church where the Word of God is actually taught. In your case, you are doing neither. God forgives all sins except BLASPHEMY.
Not if you don't REPENT.
Ridge you must not say your prayers at night. Understand what you are saying to God and you won't be so judgmental.
You're so ignorant and proud I don't think I can help you, son.
You might try finding a decent church.
I don't know who's putting all that nonsense in your head.
But if he tells you you don't have to repent, he's lying to you, son.
Stop being so gullible.
Believe the Word of God, not some store-front preacher who just wants your "love offerings."
You're so ignorant and proud I don't think I can help you, son.
You might try finding a decent church.
I don't know who's putting all that nonsense in your head.
But if he tells you you don't have to repent, he's lying to you, son.
Stop being so gullible.
Believe the Word of God, not some store-front preacher who just wants your "love offerings."
I guest Jesus is lying about being born again huh Ridge? I know it is hard to relate to something that you have never experienced. But guess what, there are millions more that have been born again son. It's real.
Looks like I'm just casting pearls before swine.
Oh well, I meant well.
I hope you wake up before you go.
Good luck.
You know, I feel the same way. But nothing will happen until you surrender to God completely. Your old ways are unacceptable if you expect to be born-again.
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