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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Eric Cantor No. 2 House Republican loses primary in big upset

Yes Virginia, there is a Tea Party.
People are fed up, I think we will see many situations like this over the next coming months.
One liar replaces another liar, how exciting! LOL
This is just the beginning. Makes me happy.
They said turnout was big.
And that is a PRIME indicator of things to come.
America is going to stand up to the tyranny and greed and corruption and CONTROL of the Democrats.
The Good Lord willing.
And that is a good thing.
A very good thing.
Let Freedom ring!
Blah! Blah!, the man said he wasn't a teabagger and he is a professor hopefully he will be of that mind set and not the murdering back wood type that hogging guns against the government like the skinhead and supremacy that go around killing cops and people they think are taking their guns, well.;)
Lilluv, why do you hate Gays so much?, not very nice, every time you use the word teabagger you are sending hateful messages to the gay community, Shame on you!
If hypocrisy is a disease, it is very contagious of late.
Cantor doomed himself by going to an anti-TEA Party summit/forum hosted by George Soros and going negative on his opponent. Very typical of the RINO politics that keep the base from supporting them. I thought Cantor was smarter than that. Obviously he drank the R Establishment kool-aid.

Brat won on his talking points that included free enterprise, equal rights, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and peace through strength. All things the R base supports.
posted by lilluv : 10:51 AM
Democrats have a dislike of those who cling to their guns and the bible.
Geeee, I wonder why? Must be they cling to the beliefs of our founders which the Democrats want to rewrite in another light.
Obama said the constitution and laws are a hindrance to his power he wants.
Really sad how the Democrats have turned into rebels with a cause that go against our nation.
What's wrong with you Jap69, I thought you was better than that surprise ,surprise.;)
Sully16 ,I am not against Gays ,I know what a teabagger is just being funny and that doesn't just go for Gay people, can be use on anybody if that what you want say ,I was just having little fun.;)
Gays don't think your using the "T word" to "have a little fun" is very funny, Weezy.
Please show a little more respect for the LGBT Community.
You're no better than they are.
So stop the hate and apologize.
Do it now.
Oh, the hypocrisy of it.

Nope! You Ridge.
I wasn't addressing you.
Mind your own business.
I should be saying that to you since you are guilty of it. But you think it is OK for you to butt-in.
Shut up.
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