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Thursday, June 26, 2014


'Duck Dynasty' Star: Time To 'Vote This Ungodly Bunch Out Of Washington'

Ungodly bunch is right, I absolutely agree and pray people are waking up and will start to move to make the massive changes needed. Let's start with God.
Okay, now we're talking! Let's play some 'Hard Ball'...literally (MSNBC)! You want to talk gay, then let's start with Dick Cheney's daughter, Mary, who is OPENLY GAY. She is supported by Dick and THE PRESIDENT as he ADVOCATES FOR HER RIGHTS TO BE AS SHE PLEASES!

Oh, wait, we don't hear the Dick talking about this, though, and extending the president his due credit on this front. He'd rather talk about how the president is just handing over, wrongly, all the sacredness of 'traditional relationships'. What a phuckin' joke if I've never heard one.

You can't get FOX to talk on this issue, AT ALL...yet the president is still pushing for 'his daughter' to have rights. Has nothing to do with how he feels personally, his job is to extend fairness to those people as well. You know, I wonder if she were to walk into quite the religious (R)'s 'cake shop' and wanted a cake if they'd sell it to HER????? If not, I wonder what ol' Dickie boy would do and say then.

See how all this BS comes back to bite...and with perfect sense? There's only about 1/2 of the (R) brand left that actually has good sense on these things. The rest...they're just eaten up with hatred and racism which are both forms of cancer. The sun shines and the rain falls on the gay, the thieves, adulterers, drunkards, and you name it. Only God has the authority to judge and punish any of them when he sees fit...not the president.

God allows each of us to wake up every single with a great portion of our health, strength, and well being and we're all 'still sinners.' Yet, He doesn't withdraw or restrict any of the benefits described above...He has mercy and extends His grace regardless. Then, here we have these dumb azz republicans that want the president to 'play God' and do just the opposite.

Yeah, Mitt Romney said that Hillary 'was clueless' about the whol Bergie deal. Well, 1/2 the republicans are clueless about the Bible and the specifics thereof. Hillary's in the drivers seat and I hope it 'drives' all the racists and haters mad. I've come to enjoy all the negative stuff because it proves it's all these folks here know how to do. Not a positive bone in their body.

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