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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Cheney: Rarely Has A U.S. President Been So Wrong About So Much At The Expense Of So Many

Just STFU!! you old a$$ mean War criminal ,no one want to hear from you, especially when you was the one that got us in this hellish war with dumb a$$ Bush. You better watch that good heart that couldn't been given to a better person.;)
The slaughter of Christians is a noble thing to do by the Muslim religions. Can not live and let live like any civilized people should allow themselves to engage in.
So when religious wars go on death will occur.
It will be coming to America. So lets see how the people react to that. America will be fighting for its religious freedom just like this nation was founded to be.
We have a current leader who wishes to see the downfall of religious freedom. You can see it occurring now.

Cheney is talking out of both sides of his mouth. All his medication is making him forgetful. He seems to have forgotten about the two war he and Bush has gotten the USA involved in for 11 years and the thousands of brave young American soldiers that have died and are still dying because of an outright LIE.
There was no lie about terrorists flying planes into our buildings, these countries are breeding grounds for the people that want to kill us. What don't you two get ? Do you have any skin in the game?
You probably don't pay taxes, so your not footing the bill...Do you have family in the armed services ?
Probably not, I do, one nephew is a Marine and one is in the Navy. Every day they put their life on the line for you!
With that being said, we have an a*****e of a President letting people run wild across our borders, they are putting them on buses and shipping them around the country.
They are willing to die for their screwed up cause, and now they know if they are caught, they will go to Gitmo for a rest then be set free.
Think about how stupid out leader is!
So I leave and go check other areas of the web and what do I find. Looks my assumption may be right in my previous comment about a religious fight in America.
Cling to your guns and other weapons of defense.

Iraq Militants Plan to Attack Britain, David Cameron Says

Did our resident liberals pop a blood vessel? seems every time the truth is spoken about their supreme king and ruler that they fall of the deep end.
They could care less the type of job, he does. They only care about the color of his skin, he can do no wrong, he's Black.
Carbob - I'm starting to see it that way, too.    I have criticized every pres. that deserved it - stop looking at color people - look at how screwed up America has become.
Cheney????...ahha ahhha ahahha ahaha..what a joke that loser is. He's the last person on Earth that should talk about this subject. This has to be a joke right?
@ Sully, Repubs are not the only ones that served this country. I have six brothers, five of us served in the military including myself. My oldest brother was a marine and the rest of us was in the army. Now that I am retired, I still pay taxes and do not need a lecture from people with no military experience. I don't have to talk about war. I know what happens in a war first-hand. All of us were teenagers when we went into the military, but we became men at an early age. Nothing pisses me off more than someone trying to tell me what I didn't do when they can't prove that I didn't. That is the same as pissing on veterans.
I agree LiLSpeedy, my great grandfather was in the military and my Mom cousin died in the Vietnam , not to mention all my cousins and my niece is in there now. You people need to stick to your politics to the public figures and not the moral or real life of the bloggers ,because you know nothing of their lives. However if you attack ,you will be attacked also. Americans should be civil.;)
Well then lilspeedy, you must be really ticked off on how your boy Obama is letting vets die from lack of medical care. Haven't heard a peep out of you on that disaster.
I guess nobody pisses on vets faster then oblahblah. Not speaking out against the horrible treatment our vets is the same as pissing on them yourself, don't ya think?
Sully, I'm pissed-off about a lot of things, I just don't share it with people that always look for the worst in a situation or always questions someone's comment as to its authenticity. I choose what I will respond to, not what others think I should respond to. Plain and simple.
Well Speedy, just keep your blind eye to Odummies BS. Keep telling yourself it's racism, at this point I don't think you give 2 s**ts over what's right and what's wrong, not until until his BS bites you in the azz.
3 years ago, my Father was sent home with a lung infection, A Vietnam Vet, he died!
Now I know why.
Sully, I am sorry for your lost. There is a lot more I could tell you about the VA but I think it will be a waste of time.
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