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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Student Arrested for Repeatedly Mailing Poop to Vice Principal

I love when two libs get into it.
Your disdain for authority figures is well noted.
I have no problem with authority.
I'd laugh just as much if it were you and Weezy sending each other your poop.
Libs are funny when they're mad.
Ridge this is one of reasons your comments are not taken serious.
he was a lil' sh1tty student.
Jarasan, when one don't have anything to say, instead of moving on, you embarrass yourself by saying something ignorant. SAD.
I'm taken seriously by the good people, Speedy.
Nobody cares what you think.
You're just another peckerhead.
Ridge, your opinion of me means absolutely nothing. Life goes on. I'm blessed, and there is nothing that you can do about it.
Yeah, blessed by your god, satan.
He LOVES what you're doing.
Good luck with that.
More babies sacrificed on the altar to moloch.
May God forgive you.
Ridge you and I have totally different religious backgrounds. So don't try to judge me by what you were taught, we will never see eye to eye. You get your religious instructions from the Vatican, But mine come from the Holy Bible.
I guess you might say, the vice-principal was fed up with that Shiite...
No they don't Speedy.
Show me where the Holy Bible instructs you to kill babies and have sex with men's hairy asses.
That must be satan's bible.
ms. speedy STFU.
Ridge, calling God's Holy Word satan's bible is blasphemy. There is no forgiveness for it.
I was addressing the bible you apparently use.
My Holy Bible says that God knew me in the womb and calls sodomy an ABOMINATION.
But you support killing babies and having sex with men's hairy asses.
That's not God's Holy Word.
You sold your soul to the devil, son.
You better get right with God.
And soon.
The Bible that I use is call the Holy Bible. You are not confused about what I said, you are just evil. You will pay.
The Holy Bible says not to shed innocent blood and it says God knew us in the womb, and it says sodomy is an ABOMINATION.
But that's not in your bible.
So I don't know what bible you believe but it's not the Holy Bible.
You better get right with God, son.
Stop flirting with the devil.

ms. speedy STFU.
You can bet it is not catholic Bible.
You can bet it is not a catholic Bible.
That's for sure.
The Catholic Bible condemns killing babies and making passionate love to a man's hairy, stinky ass.
But what does it leave out? Priests making passionate love to a man's hairy, stinky ass. Thousands of children lives ruined by grown nasty priests. But that's ok huh?
You're the promoter of sodomites, Speedy.
Why do you complain about what they do?
Did you not know?
Do you still teach it to kids?
Nice diversion tactic but weak. I have been retired for almost 5 years, so that part of your statement really sounds ludicrous. By the way I taught teenagers Mathematics and Physical Science.
You're the one with the same diversion every time you can't answer a question.
And it's starting to sound a little Freudian now that I think about it.
Skeletons in the closet?
Ridge, I was never like any of your child molesting priests. My record is spotless.
All of the teachers' records are spotless until they get caught.
What does that prove except you never got caught.

Ridge, every one is not creepy and perverted because you have priests that got caught up. You are wasting your time here son.
Hey, Democrats penetrated the Catholic Church, why are you complaining?
Are you against sodomites all of a sudden?
That was a victory for your side.
You wanted it, you got it.
The whole culture is the way you want it now.
And you'll answer to God for it, son.
Believe that.
I am a Christian that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. He forgives ALL sins Ridge, even yours.
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