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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Stacey Dash joins Fox News as paid contributor black liberals unleash furor

I don't know why they're so mad now, she left the Democrat Plantation a while ago. They just love to make a big stink anyway.

Reminds me of Samuel L Jackson's character in Django when he has a fit about another Black man being on a horse.

It's so silly.
Everything is funny about Black Americans to racists. We know what to expect from that small minority of haters.
LilSpeedy - must be a sour life to walk around with a chip on your shoulder and hating whites.
Blah, blah, blah, you need a new mantra, Speedy.
That one is worn out.
C'mon, can't you think of anything else to say?
You must be able to think of something besides name-calling every time.
C'mon now, buddy, we're all friends here, be nice.
Emily, I don't hate. I dislike certain people because of their racial attitude and bigotry. The chip fell off my shoulder over three decades ago. Hatred is a major cause of many diseases. That I can do without.
Keep up the good work.
You can do it.
Ridge, much of your sickness is caused by your hatred of Blacks and other minorities.
I'm just trying to help you, Speedy.
Take a deep breath...
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it...
But I'll keep trying, little buddy.
Just try to let the hate go for one day...
One day at a time, little buddy.
Baby steps...
Always remember, baby steps....
I'm in your corner, little guy.
Always remember that.
I don't need or want you in my corner. I can be civil, but that is as far as I will go.
That's all we ask.
Stacey Dash is hot, there's no way she'd ever fit in with the Democrats.
All Democrat women look like bull dogs with rabies.
Stacy like Sarah is hot in repubs men eyes only. SAD. That is saying a lot for the rest of the uptight homely looking repub women.
You don't think she's hot?
You must like men like most Democrats do.
I sure don't. In fact, a Black woman beat her in a beauty contest. I won't even dignify your last sentence.
You obsess about color too much.
We're all human beings.
Stop the hate.
Ridge you are the one that lusts after Sarah. I just don't see what you see and I have 20/20 vision. Her personality and attitude makes her ugly to me.
Well that's good then, cuz you can find the kind of women you like in your own party then.
I only like good lookin' women.
But to each his own.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
That's for sure, LOL.
I don't see beauty in either one.
Is that why you support sodomy between men?
No, that is why I am married so that I don't have to lust after another man's wife.
You're gay.
Ridge get the lust out of your heart. You can't have what's not yours. You're married, be satisfied son.
Now we know.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama too.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama's gonna have me up all night anyway, Speedy, LOL.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama said she's gonna keep me up all night too, Speedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Only when you promise not to molest anymore kids, LiLSpeedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
I hope you feel better now. Now you may go to sleep.
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