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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Pelosi says she 'couldn't care less' about Benghazi criticism

Like most Democrats, she couldn't care less about our people who were left to die over there.
Like Speedy said: "They knew it was a dangerous job when they took it."
And like Hillary said: "What difference does it make?"
Democrats are heartless people, cold and inconsiderate.
All they care about is themselves.
They are cold blooded and that's their character. I for one would love to see one of their own in a similar situation and then listen them whine. On the other hand they probably wouldn't care one way or the other as they do to the American people now.
As for pelosi, who really cares what that old buzzard talks about. she'll have to walk alone when the time comes during the investigations...        C-ya Iceface...
I sure did say it Ridge and I stand by it. War is He!!. People die and people lie...remember WMD, over 5,000 dead American soldiers. How you repubs try to equate the two is beyond comprehension. That is a sure sign of desperation. No one is paying attention but disgruntled repubs. NO ONE!!
Yeah, no big deal unless it was your kid or father or brother.
What difference does it make, right?
You're pathetic.
It's no wonder that you side with the rulers of the darkness of this world.
How quickly they forget Vietnam and the 53,285 who died for politics (Democrats). Yep, that's the true nature of the lying cartel and their followers. No, we didn't win the Vietnam conflict, because of democratic policies. We were doomed from the onset.
Also how quick they forget who got us out of there. Yep, these low informed individuals are very righteous when it comes to opening their mouths about something they know NOTHING about..
You care more about the 4 because it's part of your agenda. I like, millions of other Americans care about the over 5,000 American soldiers that died because of a lie. This is not going away because the death rate is still growing.
You're with the dark side, Speedy. I'm convinced of that now.
I don't see anything changing that.
That's why you can't bring yourself to speak out against killing babies when in your heart you know it's wrong.
Because you've sold your soul to the rulers of the darkness of this world.
May God forgive you.

My soul belongs to God, and in God there is no darkness, only light. You are condemning yourself every time you speak evil of me.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
You advocate and vote for the killing of babies and the promotion of sodomy to school kids.
You're a sick, twisted pervert.
You should be locked up.

You must be using a different Bible. My Bible teaches that lying is a sin...that is what bearing false witness means. That is what I mean by you are condemning yourself every time you speak evil of me.
You're the liar and you know it.
You're of your father, the father of all liars.
Ridge, you are not going to stop all of your bad behavior until you are born-again.
You're in a bad mood, speedy.
Did the babies crying keep you up all night again?
Ye must be born again. BTW, I sleep stress free every night.
New movie coming out:
"The Silence of The Babies"
Ye must be born again.
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