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Friday, May 23, 2014


Kerry: Obama 'Will Go Down in History' for 'Highest Standards of Transparency and Accountability'

Was that meant as a joke.
Obama has Kerry on his knees worshiping him. Master Obama how may I serve you.
Got a bunch of sick mother fukers in DC
yeah right     total BS
Those lies are to keep their base (stupid people) in line.
They (their base) really don't know any better.
Truth be told, they really don't even care.
They just want free stuff.
Kerry needs to wipe the brown spot off his horse lips. What a total SHANK.....!
And Kerry will go down as an imbecile who did too much brown nosing.
I think Kerry has eaten to much ketchup.
You may be right, sully, but I think he and Hillary are a bunch of dumbasses and have no business holding that position.
So Carbob , only pubs have a right to be good American Vets. Bullsh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great grandfather was a war hero.;)
You need to think before you open your mouth. Being a good American Vet does not qualify anybody, black, white, male, female, atheist, Christian or any thing else you want to qualify, to be Secretary Of State, do you understand this?
Kerry is a Vet, he is perfect for the job and so was Hillary and she wasn't one. They 're not dumba** either, matter of fact they're very bright and I mean "Smart People" coming from a person who think Sarah Palin is smart or bright is an insults to every American who value education. Yes, I understand a great deal more than you can imagine.;)
Obviously, you don't understand anything or you would have never voted for Obama, because of the color of his skin. He isn't qualified to hold his position either. Isn't it weird how he surrounds himself with idiots. Being a vet does not qualify you to hold a Cabinet position.
Carbob , how the h*ll you know I voted for the President period and if I did why? would it be because he's Black. The nerve of some of you people to try to tell us, me what we are doing or thinking. Get lost I will not waste any more time trying to communicate with an ignorant person showing it loud and clear.;)
Kerry served 4 months in Nam and would have been out sooner if someone had given him the purple heart he was begging everybody for when he got shrapnel in his own ass from a grenade he threw at a little child who was running away from his boat.
Some idiot finally gave him the PH and he abandoned his "Band of Brothers" to fight and die on their own.
It's very fitting though that Kerry is one of your heroes, Weezy.
He's a typical Democrat - a lying-ass coward and a pussy.
And in keeping with Democrat tradition, he's ugly as sin, just like all Democrats.
@lilluv- every post you make you show your ignorance, not me. I use common sense, you obviously don't have any.
Carbob, you voted for Bush twice. How did that work for you?
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