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Thursday, May 8, 2014


HS Teacher Suspended For Posting '101 Ways To Do Your Mom' On Class Quote Board

If he had expressed it as a joke making fun of Southerners it would have been perfectly acceptable to everybody and possibly picked up by SNL.
But still, it was just a dumb joke.
And the guy shouldn't lose his job over it.
But in Democrat-World, you are not allowed to ever OFFEND anybody, not even ONE person, EVER.
If ONE person ever complains about ANYTHING, it has to be halted immediately.
Makes perfect sense, right?
In the world of academics, there are Rules, Rights, Responsibilities, and Procedures that one in education must follow. What he did would fall under unprofessional conduct so it should not be a surprise about the consequence of his behavior. People in education know this.
You're against him for one reason Speedy, he's White.
And everybody knows it.
It's the same reason you supported the guy who raped and beat and buried that girl alive, he's Black.
You're a racist.
Do you really think nobody sees that?
Ridge, your problem is that you think you know more than me in the field of Education. Well, that is not possible since I have 31 years of experience in education, you have zero years of experience. That's like telling a surgeon how to operate when you only know First Aid. Abide in your calling.
What I said was true and you know it, Speedy.
You will deny it because you're a Democrat and lying is your nature.
But in your heart you know it's true.
And everybody here knows it.
You're an unmitigated racist.
You condemn a White man for a dumb joke while defending a Black man for raping and burying a White girl alive.
You're not fooling anybody, son.

Again Ridge abide in your calling, leave education to the educators. How am I defending a murderer when I support life without the possibility of parole? Jesus said thou shall not kill. What does your Bible say?
You can't even spell, Speedy.
We all know how you got your education.
But don't worry, it's nothing to be ashamed of.
Your real problem is that you're a phony and a fraud and a charlatan.
You try to fake knowing about things which you have no clue about.
And it's obvious.
So don't embarrass yourself with your nonsense.
Just be thankful for what was handed to you when you didn't deserve it and be happy with that.
BT# 4

BT# 4

BT# 4

BT# 4
Old thread----------------------------------------------------------Done--->
It's all yours Ridge.
Nope. All yours.
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