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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hillary Clinton "Proud of What We Accomplished" At State Department

She's proud of her failures and the trail of dead bodies I guess.
No one in the administration can name one accomplishment.
Not ONE.
That is the way Democrats think, opposite of the way people with common sense think. Wrong is right, failure is success, all Democratic way of thinking. I would like to know what she and Obama did with the missing, nine billion dollars???
She must be proud of Lybia.
I would like to know what happened to the WMD.
You need to get a thinking cap!! Doesn't bother you one bit, when 9 billion dollars turns up missing?? There were no WMD, there was 9 billion dollars, get the point???
You're right, Speedy, so would I.
Cuz Hillary and Slick said it was there.
They told Bush it was there and Hillary signed the bill to invade Iraq cuz she said it was there.
What the heck were they talking about?
They talked Bush into going to war over that and we never found it.
I agree with you, they should both face charges.

Quit making excuses for George. That is all repubs do. Screw up, cover up, and top it off with a BIG LIE.
I think you are talking about the current administration, not George. Every day their is a new lie coming out, the press secretary can't keep up.
I'm talking about you whining repubs. You couldn't elect who you wanted, and the American people rejected all of your choices. Now that says it all.
ms. speedy STFU moron.
Jarasan, you may get a chance to make me shut up in person.
Threatening people's lives can be a dangerous hobby, Speedy.
You can't seem to get along with anybody.
Are you taking your meds?
I can back up anything that I say.
Go ahead and jump if you're feelin' froggy, son.
You may get your wish sooner than you think. I understand why some people go after smart mouth people.
Talk, talk, talk, is that all you school marms do?
Ridge when the talking stops is when you better start worrying.
Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap.
You must think you're in the teachers lounge trading recipes.
Ridge you are letting your anger get the best of you.
You shouldn't have molested those students, Speedy.
Or your kids.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama too.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama's gonna have me up all night anyway, Speedy, LOL.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama said she's gonna keep me up all night too, Speedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Only when you promise not to molest anymore kids, LiLSpeedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Only when you promise not to molest anymore kids, LiLSpeedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
I hope you feel better now. Now you may go to sleep.
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