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Monday, May 12, 2014


George Will Mocks # Bring BackOurGirls: 'An Exercise In Self-Esteem'

I agree, it's like wearing a ribbon symbolizing you're for or against something. It accomplishes nothing but makes the wearer feel good about themselves for doing something when they're actually doing nothing.

Ok George, now we know what to do if your old senile azz ever go missing. Contrary to popular belief, hostages stand a better chance if they are kept in the media by any means necessary.
Yeah, great foreign policy, Speedy, great strategy our President has, having his wife tweet a begging message. Yeah, that'll get their respect, they'll release all those girls right away now cuz they saw how sad Moochelle looked.
Unfckingbelievable how a Democrat mind works. Every last one of ya. Maybe you should get Al Franken and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder and Joe Biden to send tweets with their sad Democrat faces now too.
What would you do Ridge? Enquiring minds want to know. Since you disagree with keeping these girls in the media?
Speedy - do you really think the hostage takers care?
I'd have teams of Operators in there right now, Speedy.
I wouldn't be sittin' around the White House with my thumb up my ass like they did for our guys Benghazi. These are scared little girls and who knows what's happening to them. We need a MAN in there to take charge and DO SOMETHING. Unfortunately the only people we have in the White House are Democrat pussies.
ms. speedy STFU you ignorant POS troll. Go the fuque away, when are they going to cut off your internet permanently???? fuquing troll, go away!!!
Just as I thought Ridge. You don't have a clue. You are not privy to enough information to make a wise decision. Going in uninvited and without a plan will get everyone killed.
Emily, even terrorists are camera hawks. Keep them talking to the media and it will keep them away from the girls. Also they are providing excellent intelligence as to their whereabouts through satellite tracking.
Yeah right, let the media resolve the situation.
You are a mealy-mouthed, lily-livered, indecisive, hand-wringing, worry-wart of a pussy, Speedy.
Men take action. They don't beg for sympathy by sending pictures of their wives with sad faces.
They don't wait for Democrat pussies to play hash-tag games while little girls are being held against their will and nobody knows what is happening to them with these animals.
Men act.
They act now.
They act decisively.
Leave this kind of stuff to the men and mind your own business, you cowardly pussy.
Ridge, that's called technology. Men follow orders and go in with a plan. You have never been on a mission in your life. I have. More than I care to talk about. You honestly think someone would listen to you. I don't think so. You would catch a bullet from friendly fire before troops would let you lead them into an ambush because you feel macho. Talk about something you know, you don't know Jack-$#!t here Ridge. Trust me.
You're a lying phony and a fraud, Speedy.
You've never been anywhere and you've never done anything but talk.
I actually served while you were gossiping with the ladies around the pencil sharpener.
Remember what happens to liars.
You served on a ship, I was in the jungle son. I did my basis training at Tigerland in 1968. (Fort Polk) and more training at Camp Freznell & Jones in Ho Nai, South Vietnam. From there I served with 3rd Ptl D co. 4th Bl 12th infantry in Gia Dinh and Binh Chanh 68-69 . SSGT.
BTW Ridge, my MOS was 11B, What was yours?
None of your business, son.

You're not worthy of knowing anything about me.

And you're such a liar, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Friends of mine died over there along with many great patriotic Americans and you come along with a phony resume gleaned from the internet and want to bask in the glory with them. You're a disgrace to yourself and your family name.
If I was near you I would kick the living sh1t out of your punk azz. No one questions my service I gave to this country motherf***.. You better pray we never cross paths you POS. You talk about friends of yours died, friends of mine died in front , side, and back of me pussy. They drafted me, I went, I served, and I came back went to college and made something out of myself. If you can't handle that, KMA...we will not have this discussion anyone more. I shut your punk azz up when I asked for your don't have to tell me because I know you were not Sh1t. KMYSMF
And another thing, why would I need the internet when I have a dd-214, the same document I had to place in my files that have everything on it. You sound like a f***... Idiot. I have lost all respect for you now.
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