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Monday, May 5, 2014


FL Teacher Banned Bible from 'Free Reading' Time in Classroom

Democrats don't want the Holy Bible anywhere around our kids.

The Bible is the polar opposite of everything the Democrat teachers are trying to brainwash our kids with.

They like to pretend they're Christians and even quote the Bible on occasion to try to fool people but they hate it with a passion.
Because the Bible condemns in the strongest terms everything the Democrats stand for, from killing babies to teaching children that sodomy between men is a good thing and that it should be legal for sodomites to blaspheme the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony with it.

And beware, anyone who agrees with me on this will be called a homophobe by LiLSpeedy. He fully supports sodomy between men and sodomite marriage while claiming to be a good Christian. He also supports killing innocent babies.
The more you lie on me, the more you will have to give an account to God. Your problem is that you have not been born-again and everything with you is a ritual. The reason I know you haven't been born-again is that you keep dodging the question. In fact, you don't have any idea what I am talking about. So I would be careful about criticizing the spirit of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I don't answer questions of a religious nature that eminate from baby-killers and/or sodomites or their enablers.
Sorry if that offends you but that's just the way it is.

I agree with everything you said rdgrnr.
I also believe lilspeedy is an absolute hypocrite, cant come up with an original thought of his own. Little man seems to have some issues.
Well lejardin, I don't know you and you don't know me. If you really knew me you would be careful what you say to me because you will get an answer. So don't start anything you can't finish. Ok, you have reached your limit on your posts-bye
Dont you threaten me.
Threaten me Speedo! I have no problem it !
reddog, I don't pay attention to pussies that sit behind a computer screen and talk crap. I know, and you know you wouldn't dare come to Atlanta and say it to my face. You don't know me, and I don't want to know you. So be a flaming troll with someone else. I don't have time for you and your BS. You and I have nothing in common other than we both are Vets. That's it!
lejardin, I suggest you put your limited posts to good use. Since you didn't bother to list your gender, it must be because you are living an alternative life style. If you are, this is not the thread for you. I don't want to know you or anything about you.
Wow Speedy, you go from calling me a homophobe for criticizing your support of a sodomite lifestyle to accusing lejardin of being gay in a derogatory fashion.
You can't seem to decide which side you're on, can ya son?
You need to read the statement again. You are a homophobe and you would be the first one to attack lejardin.
Yes Speedy, I stand against the anal sex between men that you preach is such a wonderful lifestyle.
Why? Because God called it an ABOMINATION and killed all the sodomites in Sodom and Gomorrah and that's good enough for me.
But just go ahead preaching how wonderful it is if you want to.
Keep pretending you're a Christian all you want but I got a news flash for ya - it ain't workin'.
You ain't foolin' nobody, son.
You can't be too much against sodomy since you support priests that molest children. Also your definition of what a Christian is, is totally different from mine because I go to a Christian Christ that teach from the Holy Bible where as you have your own Bible that are for Catholics only.
Like you said little one you dont know me so stop assuming. I think I will pass on your suggestion and post when and where I want to. Go bother someone else you little gnat.
You are the one that's new to the thread, so quit trying to get so familiar. You don't get points for butt-kissing, you get humiliated.
Hey short stuff nice elevated opinion of yourself. Nah, not really interested in anything you have say but to watch you make a horses a$& of yourself for all to see. You will be back because control freaks have to have the last word.
I'm back because you have to be taught a lesson. If you want to run with the big dogs you have got to have a backbone. Say what you mean and mean what you say or STFU.
As predictable. Have a coke and a smile blowhard.
Stay in your lane azz kisser. You're pathetic!
Open your hands, Speedy, and take a look.
That's your ass.
Lejardin just handed it to ya, son.
You couldn't do that, it doesn't stand a chance. LMAO
I do it every day.
Yeah right!
Old thread----------------------------------------------------------Done--->
That was some lesson he taught me lol. Quite the mental midget.
Hey mental midget, you just cant stand it can you? Last word lunatic.
You are the fool. I am making you return like a train dog. RUFF- RUFF LMAO
Ahhhhhhhhh poor baby. I forgot you only get two free posts. Pathetic!
You gotta admit it, Speedy.
She owned you.
Although I doubt it, maybe he will follow his own words "old thread.......Done".

Wonder why he is speedy and lil ?
"Wonder why he is speedy and lil ?"

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