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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Family Stalked and Pummeled

Sad. Where's the unity O promised us.?
And how is this not a hate crime?
And a terrified little girl punched in the stomach by an adult. God help us.
The troll will probably be here shortly to claim it was self-defense.
He ought to take his family back there again and have himself and his wife armed and ready this time.
And when they try it again?
Light 'em all up like the 4th of July.
I hate to say this but I wish these thugs would come across an armed, real-life Charles Bronson. Those movies were before my time but my father idolizes them.
I hate to say this but I wish these thugs would come across an armed, real-life Charles Bronson. Those movies were before my time but my father idolizes them.
While I like Charles Bronson movies for entertainment purposes, I would not let my son or daughter watch them because Charles played a pre-meditated cold-blooded vigilante.

I like vigilantes who kill the bad guys.
Boom! Boom!
Out go the lights!
Humm, I thought you believed in 'Thou shall not kill", but then again Ridge, I don't really know what you really believe in?
Speedy, if I saw you and a bunch of thugs viciously beating an innocent family, I'd put you down, son.

Ridge, trust me, I am the last person that you want to see if I'm packing. But not to worry, I have never been a thug or disrespected my elders, that just not allowed in my culture son.
These weren't elders that your culture was viciously beating.
It was 1 man, his wife and their children.
Ridge even you know there are all type of people in all cultures, some good some bad, try losing the stereotyping son. It is not helpful.
You brought up your culture, son. Not me.
And you brought up the stereotype.
OK then Speedy, to assuage your delicate sensibilities, let's say it was a bunch of Republicans who attacked the family with their golf clubs. And let's say this problem is getting to be epidemic. Let's say these insane country-club golfers are roaming the streets knocking people out with their golf clubs for sport and a good laugh. How's that?

Is that far enough removed from the truth to make you feel better?
Because it's not the truth you seek, it's comfort.
And accepting and admitting the truth would take you out of your comfort zone.
You'd rather deny the truth than change your false narrative.
And that is truly SAD.
This is pure gibberish.
Yeah, keep your head buried in the sand.
Do like Slick Willy told Gennifer Flowers: "Deny, deny, deny."
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