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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Crips in Utah: Gang culture invades an unlikely turf

Everybody always wants to figure out "where society went wrong" with these punks.
But they never have and they never will.
Criminals need to be executed if they kill somebody and locked up permanently or deported for lesser crimes.
Problem solved.
Hand-wringing like a bunch of nervous-nellie, politically correct Democrats never accomplishes anything.
Criminals have been executed for decades and crime has still increased. Go figure.
Democrats keep getting them out of jail and they keep on killing and raping and robbing.
When that happens, they ought to execute the Democrats who fought to get them out of jail.
Spoken like a true repub. If you don't like or agree with something, kill the individual(s).
Just common sense.

That's called murder, which is void of common sense.
Go preach that on the south side of Chicago.
Let me know how it works out.
Why should I worry about Chicago? Atlanta has its own problems, just as the crime in your city Ridge.
You better try some different bait, son.
Cuz your fishin' expedition ain't workin'.
But then you said you already know where I live, so why ask?
You better stick to bein' a school marm son, cuz you dam sure ain't no private eye, lol.
You better read that again. I am not asking you where you live.
Of course not, you said you already know who I am and where I live.
I really do.
Don't you wish you had the balls to do something now?
You don't mean that. I know it and you know it. It's dangerous to tempt fate. People have met their maker for far less.
I've heard all your lies.
Like the military record you copied off the internet.
You're a phony and a fraud.
When I start worrying about a school marm, I'll hang it up.
Ridge you are angry son...the real you is coming out.
You're threatening me and I'm the angry one? LOL!
Did you take your meds today or are they in your wife's purse with your balls?

Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama too.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama's gonna have me up all night anyway, Speedy, LOL.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Yeah, ya mama said she's gonna keep me up all night too, Speedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
Only when you promise not to molest anymore kids, LiLSpeedy.
Don't go to bed angry Ridge. I'm not going to let you.
I hope you feel better now. Now you may go to sleep.
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