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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Convict Jackson Jr. gets $8.7k a month disability for "mood disorder"

I want that mood disorder.
Be careful what you wish for. Mental illness is no joke.
Speedy, no human being can be as ignorant about life, as you are. He is milking the system, like the majority of the Blacks who voted for Obama. My stepson has a mood disorder and he only gets $780????? Do you get the point?
Scratch the Blacks part and insert people. That will include all the free loaders and low-info crowd.
Pretty much anyone can get "diagnosed" with a mood disorder. People who have applied and gotten disability has gone through the roof under the current administration. Milking the system is an understatement and it's no wonder so many folks love Obama. The president hasn't done much toward creating jobs for the poor but he has excelled at doling out entitlements.
LilSpeedy - let me tell you - when I had my second cancer surgery - I became very depressed after. Depressed to the point of not wanting to live. That was my mood disorder. I did not get a penny to help me fight this.
We all know now for those that act like they didn't know, Carbob is an old racist that think that Black People milk the system and when Bush was in office the same da*mn thing was happening . Everyone knows that you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. Now let's get this straight when you are a congress person ,you are paid a certain amount of your salary and when you are sick or hurt ,you're paid a % of the salary, he has been in public service for more than a decade. This just give those of you that feel a certain way about Black people to come out with your bigotry and phony comments. A leopard never change his spots. What about all the "Whites" that on the mental disability ,remember they have always believe in Mental Illness. They kill people and use it as a defense and you have the nerve to talk about a Congressman getting benefits to live, get a life he still have to live and a family.(side eye);)
I bet Jessie and Sharpton trained you on the side eye. He is in prison for stealing ,should not get any kind of pension.
98% of Carbob's posts are anti-Black. I am not surprised at anything that he says.
Well Emily, I had two uncles that committed suicide because of mental illness that went undiagnosed for years, that is why I find no levity concerning the subject of mental illness.
You can see the fraud here just by the timing.
Junior got depressed and took off work the minute he found out he was being investigated for corruption.
I guess knowing you've been busted for being a crook and that you will probably go to jail for it would make you depressed but that sure as hell ain't the taxpayers fault that they should have to give you money for it. I don't care what color you are, crime should be severely punished, not rewarded.
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It's all yours Ridge.
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